2020 put everyone to the test, and nutrition professionals were no exception. After a few difficult months, it's time to revolutionize your practice.

Nowadays, it is not enough to be a good professional anymore: you also need to be easily found by patients. You can put several strategies in place to increase your customer base, retain existing ones, and improve your visibility.

Let's start with 7 tips that will change the way you work (for the better!).

1. Define your goals

The first step in achieving a goal successfully is to plan the steps you need to take to get there. The organization is essential: if your main goal is to be more successful in 2021, you first need to define a plan.

Whether you want to increase your number of clients, create your logo, or improve your office's management flow, you should always have an action plan with tasks to be performed throughout the year.

A good plan includes the key objective but also short, medium and long term goals, which you must achieve at predetermined times, and actions that need to be carried out to achieve each of the goals.

Tools such as Google KeepTodoist and Trello are free and can help in this task.

2. Personalized service, always

The way you communicate with your patients is one of the points that can determine whether they are loyal to you or not.

The more you personalize each client's service, the more accompanied and motivated they will feel: which means they will want to continue their consultations and can refer you as a reference to friends or family.

Remember that your customers are investing time and money to have you as their nutrition professional. So, make an effort to be unforgettable for your customers.

Answering customer questions outside office hours, sending a birthday message, or closely monitoring if they are following the meal plan are some simple ways to offer personalized service and improve the relationship with your patients.

3. Specialize

Despite being able to serve customers with different types of goals, having a specialization in a field of nutrition can help you to differentiate yourself. If you have not yet defined your professional speciality, now is the time!

Differentiation can help you stand out in the market, be recognized in the market and win more customers looking for specialists in a certain area, such as infant, geriatric or sports nutrition.

In addition, having a specialization allows you to gain visibility in the area and start to be seen as a specialist by the media, colleagues and potential customers.

4. Show yourself to the world

Contact with patients should not be limited to the time of consultations. You can (and should!) explore the benefits of social media, blogs and other tools that bring you closer to your patients (and potential future customers).

Nowadays, social networks are one of the tools most used by any business to make itself known and distinguish itself from the competition. You can use Facebook and Instagram, for example, to share recipes, information about your office or testimonials from satisfied customers.

Creating a website and blog of your nutrition practice can also have a lot of impact, as it gives your clinic a more professional look and makes it easier to find.

There are several platforms that you can choose to create your website, such as Wordpress or Wix, but these require some knowledge of programming and web design. With Nutrium, you can create a professional website in minutes without the need for technical knowledge and without any additional cost.

But creating accounts is not enough: it is also essential to keep them up to date. Putting content on social media or new articles on your blog regularly should be a concern, to make a good impression with visitors.

On our blog you can find articles with tips on how to advertise your nutrition practice on Facebookhow to start a nutrition blog and how to use Instagram to attract new patients. These tips will help you to strengthen relationships and make your customers even more loyal.


5. Distinguish yourself from the competition

Competition has always existed, but with the increase in the use of digital media, it has become even more evident. That's why it is important to invest in something that sets you apart from other nutrition professionals.

It can be the way you communicate with your customers, an innovative methodology, a nutrition software or an additional service. What matters is to go a step further than your competitors and use tools to constantly improve the services you offer.

6. Keep up with trends

Every day there are thousands of news and fresh content on the Internet, and those who do not follow the trends can be left behind.

Knowing the latest platforms, learning new techniques to follow patients and understanding what today's clients are looking for in a nutrition professional can help you adapt your message and get even more clients.

It is also important to participate in conferences, exhibitions, study groups and events related to the area of nutrition and health. Thus, you can keep up to date and create a network of contacts that will help disseminate your work.

7. Ask for feedback

In any field of work, feedback is essential, and it can help people to understand what is working, what needs to be improved and what actions can be taken to achieve the desired goal.

As a nutrition professional, feedback from your customers can help you improve your methods, meet your clients' needs, and keep up with trends.

After some consultations and at the end of the follow-up process, why not ask the patient for their opinion about the consultations, your methods and if everything is going according to the expectations?

Now that you have learned about our tips, you just have to put them into practice to start gaining more visibility and standing out with your customers.

Our software can help you to implement these new strategies quickly and easily. If you are new to Nutrium, take advantage of our 14-day free trial and explore all the features that will change the way you interact with your customers.