André perdeu 28kg - e agora quer ajudar os outros a fazer o mesmo

André lost 28kg – and now he wants to help others lose weight

Excess weight is a problem that affects thousands of Portuguese, but many people cannot fight it without professional help. Most people who want to lose weight try different solutions and try diets they hear about, which often leads to a yo-yo pattern, with constant weight changes and difficulty stabilizing.

Although the role of a nutritionist is essential in this process, many people who want to lose weight still do not seek this solution, either because of the cost of consultations or the fear of completely changing their diet.

Nutrium is fighting against excess weight, making nutritionists more accessible and closer than ever. Through the Nutrium Care Corporate Wellness Program, companies worldwide can offer their employees everything they need to become healthier and improve their eating habits.

Learn about the story of André, one of the pioneers of Nutrium Care, who left the extra pounds behind and gained health and well-being after starting the program.

28 kg lost and a healthier life

André Santos is a co-founder and CEO of Nutrium and was the first user of the Nutrium Care program when it was still in its infancy.

Excess weight had been a reality for some time in André's life, but he didn't know how to improve his eating habits without a strict diet and stop eating what he liked. Encouraged by his mother, he had an experience with a nutritionist in which he tried to lose weight, but he did not identify with the approach.

The food plan was created and shared on paper, and André had to take it everywhere, causing some embarrassment. He had appointments only every 3 months, without any contact with the nutritionist between appointments.

“I always started by having an amazing first month, by the second month, I was already messing up, and by the third month, I was completely back to the start,” he explains. Therefore, the motivation to return for the next appointment was diminished.

The experience marked him, and he decided he wanted to be part of the solution. He helped solve this problem by creating a solution for nutritionists - the Nutrium nutrition software - that brings nutritionists closer to their clients and allows constant follow-up, even between appointments.

In 2018, when two nutritionists presented Nutrium with a nutrition consultation service for companies, André and Nutrium's management did not hesitate to accept.

Nutrium has always had the goal of making nutrition more accessible to the whole world, and so it made perfect sense to start with those closest to it: its own employees. So the company started offering nutrition consultations to its teams.

This decision was a game-changer. 86% of Nutrium employees started having consultations, and the program had a real impact on their health. And there were also positive results for the company because this benefit ended up having a great impact on talent retention.

With nutritionist Maria João Castro, who started following him through the Nutrium program, he found openness and flexibility that was exactly what she needed to get excited about the process.

“At Nutrium, it was essential to realize that Dr. Maria João was super flexible. I ate what I wanted, but always followed her tips. At first, I had a lot of meals, but I didn't like it. I prefer to eat only breakfast, lunch and dinner. Dr. Maria João took this into account, and she made a plan adjusted to my routine and lifestyle”.

More than understanding his needs, André says that his nutritionist created a relationship of trust and commitment, which helped him lose weight and get further and further. “Whenever I was going to weigh myself, I thought of her and wanted to show her my progress. If I went to an event, I thought about the tips she had given me”. He also added physical exercise to increase muscle mass.

This proximity was made possible by how the Program was built: in addition to regular nutrition consultations, Maria João and André communicated through the Nutrium mobile application, allowing constant asynchronous contact.

Through the app, André registered his meals, the water he drank, and the physical exercise he did, and Maria João had access to all information in real-time.

This allowed monitoring even between consultations and gave the nutritionist the possibility to give feedback, suggestions, and daily motivation to André. On the other hand, André was always able to ask questions and send messages to the nutritionist, to ensure that he made the right choices at all times.

A healthy new chapter

During his weight loss journey, André lost 28kg - the heaviest weight he ever had was 110kg, and he is now at 82kg.

More than losing weight in a healthy way, André considers that Nutrium Care was a turning point in his life. The fact that he has reached his ideal weight and managed to maintain the weight in the long term (he has reached his ideal weight and has been maintaining it for two years) is something to be proud of.

Today, he feels more energetic and wants to get out of the house and practice physical activity - and, in the meantime, he found running as an ally for his new lifestyle.

Weight loss (and maintenance) would not have been possible without the help of Maria João, who, more than providing him with a meal plan or a strict diet, could help him change his habits naturally.

This allowed André not to see changes in his diet as an obligation, but as a gradual adjustment, in which he was constantly shaping his habits until it became something that did not require any effort.



Like André, who managed to lose weight with a nutritionist, other employees who have already used Nutrium Care show very positive results and feel that they are now a better version of themselves.

Get to know the story of Daniel Almeida, who gained weight and muscle mass in a healthy way, or José Alves, who found in his nutritionist the solution to the Irritable Bowel Syndrome who had been following him for more than 10 years.


Healthier companies with Nutrium Care

Are you looking for a benefit to offer your employees and help them become healthier and more motivated?

The Nutrium Care Corporate Wellness Program may be the solution. An inclusive benefits program that all employees can benefit from, regardless of age, physical condition, or goal.

With our program, you can offer your employees follow-up with excellent nutritionists, unlimited nutrition consultations, a 100% personalized food plan, webinars, workshops, events, and themed days, and exclusive content in the health and nutrition area.

And also a free mobile application, which allows constant monitoring and puts the nutritionist at a click away, anytime and anywhere!

Find out more on our Nutrium Care page.