Are your patients checking your recipes on our app?

Are your patients checking your recipes on our app?

We created a new tab for recipes on Nutrium's mobile app so your patients can prepare the recipes you created and added to their meal plan, at home.

This will allow your patients to easily check your recipes on our app, step by step.

Why is this important?

To allow for your patients to check the recipes you recommended more easily, Nutrium now has a new recipes menu on the mobile app.

When you add a new recipe to your patients' meal plan, it will be featured automatically on the app, and your patients can check it anytime.

What are the features?

To access the recipe you've recommended, your patients need to click on the Recipes' button or check the meal which includes this recipe to see it.

Lastly, each recipe has two more tabs, one for Information and one for Preparation steps.

In the Information tab, your patient can find the total time, the number of portions, serving sizes for the whole recipe and for each ingredient.

In the Preparation tab, they can find out how to make the recipe, step by step. It is also possible to tick which steps have been completed.

If you don't know how to create and analyse the nutritional information of your recipescheck this article on our blog.

This is just one of the many reasons why your patients should start recommending your services. Nutrium makes checking meal plans easier, and now recipes as well!

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