Customize the nutritional analysis of your meal plans

Customize the nutritional analysis of your meal plans

Nutrium continues to work every day to develop new features and improve the daily life of nutrition professionals who use our software. It is possible to create different versions of meal plans and associate them with different planningsobtaining the nutritional analysis of the meal plan separately.

However, from now on, you will have the chance to choose how the nutritional analysis of the meal plan is presented. In essence, it can be either the global analysis of all versions added, per different versions (days of the week), or per planning (with different targets).

How to get the nutritional analysis of the meal plan?

In the tab Meals, when you create or import a meal plan into the client’s profile, on your right, you have its nutritional information, which is calculated automatically.

If you create different versions of the meal plan, you can check the nutritional analysis of each of them separately.

more complete and detailed analysis of the meal plan (or of the different versions, if they exist) in the tab Analysis.

What nutritional information can I check in the Analysis tab?

In the Analysis tab, there is a lot of information that you can check, such as:

  • Macronutrientscarbohydrates and lipid distribution;
  • Energy and protein distribution per meal;
  • Amount of micronutrients and how these compare to the recommendations;
  • Time and energy expenditure associated with the physical activity that was prescribed, where applicable;
  • Sorting foods by the amount of a nutrient in an ascending or descending order – which allows you to quickly check which food you should replace or change quantity;
  • Macronutrients distribution per meal.

What changes in the Analysis tab does this new feature bring?

With this new feature available, from now on, you can not only check the nutritional analysis of the meal plan per version, but also the global analysis or the analysis per planning.

See in more detail how the calculation of each of these options is done:

  • Analysis per version – with this option, you can check the nutritional analysis of each version of the meal plan. This is the option that was already available in Nutrium.

It allows you to check each day individually, the single version of the meal plan, or any group of days.

  • Global analysis – if you have different meal plan options, you can choose to see the global analysis. This calculation is done based on a weighted average of the number of days that each meal plan is associated with.

For example: you have created a version of a meal plan with 2643 kcal for two days of the week, another version with 2203 kcal for three days of the week, and another one with 3819 for the other two days of the week (see images above). In the global analysis (see image below), the average energy content will correspond to 2/7 x 2443 + 3/7 x 2516 + 2/7 x 3032 = 2643 kcal.

  • Analysis per planning – if you choose to set different plannings for the same client, you can associate different versions of the meal plans to different plannings. In this case, you can choose this option so you can get the nutritional analysis based on a weighted average of the number of days to each planning they are associated to.

For example (see images below): In the Planning tab, you created planning for training days and another one for rest days. Then, in the Meals tab, you created two versions of the meal plan associated with the “Rest” planning for a total of five days: one for Monday and Tuesday (two days) and another one for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday (three days). In the analysis per planning, the average energy content of the “Rest” planning will correspond to 2/5 x 2443 + 3/5 x 2516 = 2487 kcal.

Regardless of the format you choose, this information is just visible to you. However, you can generate a PDF that you can share with your client. You just need to click on the printer icon right next to the button that allows you to group the data (see image above).

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