The GDPR established big changes on how the processing of personal data must be done and it's important to be aware of the main obligations.

Dietary Reference Values (DRVs) were recommended by SACN as the gold standard for nutritional assessment.

Now you can calculate the PAL with Nutrium using metabolic equivalents (METs) of your nutrition clients' daily activities. Ideal for sports nutrition!

From now on, by making your recipes public, they can be seen and shared by other professionals in the Nutrium community.

To start a ketogenic diet it is important to monitor any biochemical changes and create a meal plan to prevent nutritional deficiencies or other health complications.

Nutrium is adapted to the Australian and New Zealand market offering the best solution for dietitians and nutritionists that work in nutrition counselling.

What is the importance of nutritional analysis of food diaries in between appointments? How can you follow-up on them? Read our article to discover!

Stay connected with your clients with the professional mobile app of Nutrium and run your business from anywhere while ensuring data safety and privacy.

We added the UK reference values for macronutrients adapted to different life stages.

Shopping lists are one of the most requested features by our nutrition professionals, and we have worked hard to make it a reality!

From now on, you can integrate payments with the online booking appointment option!

A new structure of lunch and dinner is now available on Nutrium and it is possible to change the order of the foods with drag and drop!

Learn about the benefits of synchronizing all upcoming sessions, reminders, and personal events created in Nutrium with your Google Calendar.

Nutrium has new ready-to-choose fields for food intolerances, allergies, types of diet and more.

We created a solution that integrates Nutrium with Zoom video communications.

Nutrium now offers video call integrations for you online nutrition appointments, with Zoom, Skype and Google Meet.

Ensuring data protection has always been our top priority. Check how we are working toward HIPAA compliance.

Nutrium allows you to keep in touch with your clients from anywhere, with your phone.

Any client can self-schedule an appointment with you with Nutrium's online booking platform.

Now it is possible to get a better overview of the nutritional analysis of the meal plans you create for nutrition clients.

With Nutrium, nutrition professionals can send follow-up messages to all their clients in between appointments.

These equations were developed using the Oxford database and recommended to estimate BMR in healthy populations, by SACN.

Nutrium has partnered with Kingston University, in the UK to allow students from Nutrition Courses to have full access to the software product during the course time period.

Now you can create a nutrition website, so you can share your recipes and our information with just a few clicks.

We've updated the Android app so that your nutrition clients can now update you on their daily physical activity by manually logging exercises.

Now you can create your own blog posts in your Nutrium website to share your own content.

The InBody analyzers provide complete information on the current body composition. Now you can log your InBody report to the software automatically!

Sports nutrition software adapted to clients who often exercise with different nutritional recommendations for different days.

Every nutrition professional who works with Nutrium in their nutrition practice will get an email update on their patients' appointments and birthdays.

Nutrium meal planning feature allows you to assess in real time how the foods you are adding contribute to the meal plans energy, macro and micronutrients requirements.

We've launched a new feature which will remind you of your patient's birthday.

A solution for professionals to receive daily updates on clients' meals, physical activity and water intake logs and, enables professionals to act on them!

Students, researcher and professors can apply to our student subscription if attending a nutrition and dietetics course.

Now you can migrate all your clients' existing data in your spreadsheets, CSV or TSV into Nutrium with a few clicks.

We have updated Nutrium with the latest version of the USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference.

After receiving many requests to enable editing the name of meals, we are excited to share our newest feature.

Nutrium was reviewed by CompareCamp and received the Great User Experience Award and Rising Star of 2018.

We've upgraded the feature to import meal plans templates which allows you to add meal plans much more easily and in a few seconds to the patients' profile.

To make Nutrium even more personalised to each professional it is now possible to print lists of equivalents and food groups separately from the meal plan.

In Nutrium you have now the possibility to print your patients' meal plans and recipes with two different layouts.

You can link your secretary to your Nutrium account to register patients, schedule and reschedule appointments.

At Nutrium we’ve always been aware of the importance of personal data security, so we are in compliance with GDPR.

We launched a feature in Nutrium which will allow nutrition professionals to store additional documents to their patients' profile.

In order to facilitate the work of our nutrition professionals we’ve added common measures and serving sizes to McCance and Widdowson’s CoFID.

Suggestions given by our clients are very important so we can continue to improve. We've added a few suggestions of anthropometrical measurements.

To help professionals that work in more than one place we adapted Nutrium to allow them to link patients to a specific workplace and easily filter the information.

Create lists of foods where you can add and switch foods with similar characteristics and quickly incorporate them in the meal plan.

We have launched a new feature which will allow your clients register the amount and be notified of how much water they should drink during the day.

Prenatal nutritional counseling: we have added new measurements, predictive calculations and evaluation graphics.

Building a meal plan from scratch can be very time-consuming. In this update you can look through and import meal plans templates available in the software.

We created a tab for recipes on Nutrium's mobile app so your patients can prepare the recipes you created and added to their meal plan, at home.

With Nutrium you can create and analyze the nutritional information of your recipes and your patients can access them on our app.

How many clients have scheduled an appointment but didn't show up? In Nutrium, clients can confirm or cancel their appointments on the mobile app in advance.

Your patients have now the possibility to register their physical activity on Nutrium's mobile app for iOS.

Predicti the proportion of more body components, such as muscle mass, skeletal mass, fat mass, and residual mass.

Nutrium is now more adapted for children and adolescents counseling, with new clinical information fields and WHO growth standards.

Nutrium has 16 different databases, with an overall of 33.000 foods.