We know that keeping organized with so many consultations, events, and conferences, is not always easy. So, in Nutrium, we stand in solidarity with our professionals, and we always work to help them keep digitally organized.

Now, every nutrition professional who works with Nutrium in their nutrition practice can get an email letting them know their patients' appointments and birthdays.

Appointments of the day

If you schedule your appointments through Nutrium calendar, you'll get an email at 8 am informing you about which and how many clients' you will be consulting today.

You can also quickly access your calendar in the software with just a simple click on the "Go to your appointments" button.

Birthdays of the day

Just as you get your daily appointments, we also send you your clients' birthdays to your email, so you don't forget to send them a birthday message to their Nutrium app (or even a small gift!).

To retain and motivate each client, apart from delivering a good service, you should make them feel more than just a client. To wish them a happy birthday is a small gesture that will make them feel appreciated.

In addition to that, you'll have access to a quick button in the email so you can send them a happy birthday message.



Conversations with clients

We always try to send useful emails to each and every one of our professionals. For that reason, we are going to add to this email your last five open conversations.

This means you can read the last message of your last five conversations with your clients through the mobile app. In addition, you have a button available to quickly access the messaging page of Nutrium.

Your clients' activities

Lastly, to complement our daily appointments email, we have added the last activity logs of your patients.

It will show the number of completed meals, skipped meals, and physical activity logs. You will also have access to a button that will quickly redirect you to the Follow-up page.

Can I disable this feature?

If you don't want to get these messages, you can unsubscribe them.

You can access the page "Privacy and notifications" of your Nutrium account at any time, look for the "Emails with daily highlights" section and choose the option "I don't want to get emails with daily highlights."

With these daily notifications, we hope to help you organize your day and hope you can work towards a closer relationship with your clients.

Take this opportunity to send them a motivation message to the Nutrium mobile app so they know you're available to help them with anything. I'm sure they'll be happier with your service!

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