The USDA Food Composition Database is a fantastic resource to allow nutrition professionals to create meal plans and dietary recommendations for their clients, with the certainty that the foods recommended are meeting their nutritional needs.

Developing a practical and easy to apply meal plan is very important. That is why most professionals opt to first, assess the clients' food diary using the USDA nutrient database and make the correct adjustments from that baseline, baring in mind the daily dietary requirements for calories and macronutrients distribution.

What does the USDA Food Database include?

Nutrium has integrated the USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference, Legacy April 2018 - its latest version.

In here, you can check more than 240 000 foods with around 150 nutrients and food groups. It is also possible to check different household measures and different cooking methods of food and how they affect the nutritional composition of each food.

If you want to create next-level meal plans for your clients, it's important that you understand the different food options available and how they compare to one another.

How to quickly check foods and nutrients in USDA in Nutrium

In Nutrium, it is possible to screen different food products from the USDA Food Composition Database and check which ones have a higher or lower quantity of each specific nutrient.

This is extremely handy when you want to update your clients' meal plans, or even when you are creating their first recommendation and are not sure of the foods from what your client will benefit the most to achieve specific nutrient targets.


Use the USDA directly on your meal plans

When creating new meal plans you can have an extensive selection of foods and food products to choose from.

To create a meal plan using the USDA database, you just need to access the client dashboard and start searching for foods you want to add. Choose the household measure that fits best your client, and check the nutritional value on the spot.

Check here to see how your meal plans will look like once you finish creating all the food options.

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