How to gain weight and muscle mass in a healthy way

How to gain weight and muscle mass in a healthy way

When we usually talk about nutrition consultations, the tendency ends up being to think about weight loss. But this is not the reality. Nutritional follow-up can be useful in the most diverse cases, not only to fight pathologies but also to improve health in general.

In addition to weight loss, the role of a nutrition professional can be extremely useful for someone who wants to gain weight, lower cholesterol, control diabetes, avoid heart problems, have more energy, sleep better, improve intestinal transit, and many others.

That's why Nutrium created Nutrium Care - Corporate Wellness Program, which allows companies worldwide to offer the best nutritional support to their employees.

Daniel's story: how to gain weight with nutrition appointments

Daniel Almeida is 28 years old and one of the examples. He had always felt good about himself, but when the opportunity arose to have free nutrition appointments at his company, he decided to try it. “I would never look for a nutritionist on my own initiative because I always thought I was fine,” he says.

However, right at the first appointment, he discovered a somewhat unexpected diagnosis: he was underweight. Thus, a weight gain process began, managed, and was closely monitored by Maria João, a nutritionist at Nutrium Care program.

The results did not take long to reveal themselves, not only on the scales but also in their well-being. “I'm much more awake now than I was before,” he says. In a few months, he gained 4kg and a new relationship with healthier food. The consumption of fast food, which was once daily, is now more controlled, and there is still room for indulgences every week.

“I didn’t just want to gain weight, I wanted to gain muscle mass”

Gaining weight can be challenging, especially if you want to ensure the extra kilos come from muscle mass, not fat, as in Daniel's case.

As well as fad diets for weight loss, there are also unhealthy practices for weight gain, such as the consumption of highly processed and uninteresting foods from a nutritional point of view. Thus, it is essential to follow the nutrition professional to adapt the daily diet to a food plan that healthily promotes weight gain.

Daniel's meal plan was carried out by Dra. Maria João, who always paid attention to what he wanted and needed. There were no drastic cuts or dietary restrictions - just a process of adjusting to what I was already eating.

“I have to be careful, but I don't have to have a super strict plan. I have room for maneuvering, but I'm still feeling progress,” he says.

His biggest fear was having to spend a lot of time cooking, a point that was taken into account by Dra. Maria João. “I can eat what I like at the same time, I have light and simple meals. There doesn't have to be a lot of variety, so I don't spend a lot of time deciding what to cook or looking for new recipes”.

One of the biggest incentives of the process for Daniel is the fact that it is done at his company, together with other colleagues. Although the appointments are individual and private, there is a sense of shared goal among colleagues. After all, everyone has some point to improve in their diet, and they end up sharing their experience, tips, and difficulties with each other.

“I love sharing my story with other people and being congratulated. If I were doing this on my own initiative, at home, I wouldn't share as much”, he explains. “Here, we have a shared goal, and we want to show each other that we have results”.

Motivation is one of the key points for a successful nutritional follow-up, and Dra. Maria João knows that. “Motivation exists when the person does not feel external pressure, so I give “freedom” for my client to convey to me what is not in accordance with what he can and wants to do, I change what is necessary, but always with my present limits”, she says.

When he reflects on his experience, Daniel is satisfied, and he's only sorry he didn't start sooner. “If I had known that it would take so little work and change my life so much, I would have looked for a solution sooner”, explains Daniel.

In the phases when motivation decreases, it is even more important to adapt the plan to the client and understand the existing difficulties. When this phase happens, it is crucial to follow up every week, to define goals and commitments.

Even today, as part of the Nutrium Care program, Daniel feels that the intervention of a nutritionist is beneficial for anyone, and advises those close to him to try it. “I already talked to my brothers about going to a nutrition professional”, he says, adding that he would like everyone to know that small changes in diet can, in fact, have a huge impact.

Like Daniel, other employees who have already benefited from Nutrium Care show very positive results and feel that they are now a better version of themselves.

Also know the story of José Alves, who found in his nutritionist the solution to Irritable Bowel Syndrome, or André Santos, who lost 28kg in a healthy way with this program.

Healthier companies with Nutrium Care

Are you looking for a benefit to offer your employees and help them become healthier and more motivated?

Nutrium Care, a Corporate Wellness Program, may be the solution. An inclusive program that all employees can benefit from, regardless of age, physical condition, or objective.

With our program, you can offer your employees follow-up with excellent nutrition professionals, unlimited nutrition appointments, a 100% personalized meal plan, webinars, workshops, events, and themed days, and exclusive content in the field of health and nutrition.

Moreover, there is a free mobile app, which allows regular monitoring and puts the nutritionist a click away, anytime and anywhere!

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