Learn everything about creating meal plans templates in Nutrium, how to import them into different sections and how to deliver them to your clients.

Nutrition professionals are always on the lookout for the most practical way of optimising their nutrition appointments thus, we will always be working to be up to the challenge. If with Nutrium you would spend just a few minutes putting together a meal plan, with this new update you'll be able to personalise templates within seconds.

Creating meal plans templates allows professionals to be prepared for any challenge and save time during appointments. That is why we've upgraded our feature to import meal plans templates to each patient and now you will find a new field which allows you to import and personalise any plan to any patient with a few clicks.

Why is this important?

Until now, you were able to import meal plans to the patient's profile but could not personalise them to each meal or even each day of the week with just one click.

Now importing templates is faster, easier and much more intuitive. You can choose which days of the week you wish to import, spending less time importing meal plans and more time to listen to your patients.

Nutrium allows you to create meal plans templates to your patients' profiles, adjusting only a few details if needed to meet the patients' requirements. You can either import a pre-made meal plan available on the software or import one of your own meal plans templates. Here you can check which meal plans templates are already available on the software.

Since many professionals have requested the possibility to create weekly meal plans more efficiently, we've upgraded this feature into Nutrium.

What has changed in the meal plans templates?

To import a meal plan templates to a patient's profile first you need to access the tab Meals on the appointment layout. After that, you just need to click on the icon to Import meal plan and choose if you wish to import another patient's meal plan or a pre-existing template.

After choose the meal plan you want to import a new section will appear allowing you to decide which days of the week you want to import to the current meal plan. On the other hand, you can just choose to import that meal plan without any specified day.

how to import meal plans templates

Now you can also import templates for more than one day, for example, one for the weekend plus Wednesdays or one for Monday, another for Tuesday and another for Wednesday and easily create a meal plan for each day.

Our primary goal is to answer all the suggestions we receive from professionals, making the software more intuitive and making sure that their nutrition appointments are the most efficient as possible.

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