How to price your nutrition services in a time of crisis

How to price your nutrition services in a time of crisis

When you are trying to help your clinic grow, you need to show clients the importance of looking for value instead of the price of your nutrition services.

When you compromise on price, you end up getting stuck with a system that focuses only on maximizing the number of clients. When this happens, professionals are unable to provide de adequate attention to their clients.

One of the major goals of your private practice should be to make your customers measure your services on the basis of the value you deliver. A simple way to show your clients how to do this is by carrying out the following steps.

Believe in yourself as a professional

The secret to selling value to clients lies in your communication strategy.

You must be clear about the factors that make you different from your competitors. Also, knowing why your main differential is something other than price is crucial. For example, in addition to offering nutrition appointments, you can also offer coaching related to general well-being, partner with other qualified professionals to offer physical activity and psychological counseling.

To do this, you should first find out what matters to your clients - find your niche. Because value is a subjective term, you must learn what it means in the minds of your customers. It is only after this, that you can show them exactly what sets you apart.

Create an efficient system

After gaining a clear understanding of what value means to the clients, you must build a management system that supports all aspects. With the help of modern technological such as an appointment scheduler, you can make an efficient system.

Set up a system that allows you to manage efficiently your workflow, such as a tool that allows you to schedule your clients' appointment with the possibility to remind them prior to the appointment and also to confirm or reschedule that appointment for some unexpected reason.

Furthermore, in today’s world, it is vital that professionals rely on programs to help them deliver better services. You must make sure that you incorporate tools in your practice to help you keep track of every client’s requirements, such as personalized software programs for nutritional assessment combined with a mobile app for clients.

Check here why having an online booking system is crucial, and how to set it up.

Stand out from the crowd

Whenever you are trying to sell, focus on how you bring value rather than defending your pricing strategy. Clients will realize the importance of looking for value over price only when you explain to them what future opportunities you offer.

thorough dietary analysis followed by effective meal planning services and continuous follow-up is a value that you, as a nutrition professional can deliver – and that should not be judged by a price tag. More importantly, the focus on offering the best care after the consult should also be highlighted, offering a close follow-up to clients is what will make them value your services in the long run.

However, this is only possible when you train the mindset of your clients to see the future benefit and value derived from choosing your nutrition counseling services.

Spend more time with your clients

Many professionals are forced to wrap their appointments to maximize the number of clients. However, a fundamental flaw in such a system is reflected in the number of clients who become recurrent.

When you sell for value, you must give each client the time and attention they deserve. Spending more time listening to what they have to say is key to make them feel comfortable and see the value in you.

Spending endless hours at the clinic doesn't need to be the reality anymore and you can make your time more valuable by interacting with clients and also updated their recommendations outside the appointment.

Educate your clients

Another very critical aspect of delivering value lies in how you treat your clients. Rather than acting as a source that relays information about a topic, you must educate them. Real care begins when you work with your clients as a team to help them reach their goals.

You must first help them understand the issue and then deliver an action plan. Give them tools to make their own path, instead of setting rules and boundaries, for example, instead of setting strict lifestyle changes, work with them to make a few adaptations at a time. That way clients will feel supported and will want to continue changing over time.

Clients will feel much more independent and they will continue seeking your support, not because they have to, but because they want to.

The change starts now

It is imperative that you make changes to your existing business model, if you haven't already, to make clients see the value in your time. However, before that happens, you must think of the term “value” from the perspective of a client rather than your own.

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