Now you can attach files to your patients' profile

Now you can attach files to your patients’ profile

Now you can attach files to your patients' profiles, in an easy way. Learn everything about this news in this article.

The number of nutrition professionals who have been searching for new alternatives, solutions as well as tools to help them be more productive has been increasing a lot.

At the same rate, patients are now not only requiring a personalised consult but also recommendations which are adapted to their lifestyle.

Having this change of needs in mind, we've decided to create a feature in Nutrium which will allow nutrition professionals to store additional documents to their patients' profile.

Why is this feature important?

We want our nutrition professionals to offer the best nutrition service to their patients. To do that, after launching the feature to add and filter information by workplaces and new anthropometric measurements, we've decided to create a space on the software which will allow you to attach additional files regarding your patients' progress.

Now you can have access to all your patients' photos and important documents regarding their progress in one single place.

For you, as a nutrition professional, it will be easier and more practical to improve your patients' nutritional assessment by adding relevant files.

What has changed?

In the bottom of the section Information, on your patient's appointment layout, you will find a new field to Add file where you will be able to store any document related to your patient.

attach files

In the section Meals, when you click in Save, you can also save the meal plan as a template or save it as a new file on the patient's profile.

meals section

In addition to that, there are available several filters, such as progress photos, meal plans, biochemistry, and others, you can also filter by file type (images, documents, or others). In case you only want to see your patients' progress photos to have a glimpse of your patients' evolution it can be done with one click.

With this new feature, it is now possible for you to manage even more efficiently all your patients' files with NutriumYou can keep track of their progress, previous meal plans, and even photos they sent you. This new feature allows you to store files up to 20MB with a total of 1GB per patient.

With these new updates like the ability to attach files to your clients' profiles, Nutrium is now able to answer the needs of the many professionals who rely on it to improve the work they provide.

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