Now you can edit the name of meals in the meal plan

Now you can edit the name of meals in the meal plan

Nutrium is used by hundreds of thousands of clients around the world, with different routines and needs. That's why we are continually updating our software to offer customised options for our clients.

After receiving numerous requests to enable editing the name of meals, we are excited to share with you our newest feature.

Individualized habits

Even though Nutrium already had some meal options that you could add to the meal plan, like pre-workout snack, brunch or supper, it wasn't possible to add less common meal names or edit the title of existing meals.

Meals like “second supper”, “second morning snack” or “second post workout meal” were probably necessary for shift workers and athletes.

As we were aware of this limitation, we decided to work on a feature that would enable nutrition professionals to edit the name of the meals.

How to edit the name of the meal?

By clicking the Meals tab in your appointment flow, you will see that now the name of the meals appear underlined and can be changed to a more appropriate name for your clients.


What changes for your clients

In the mobile app, your clients will receive a new and customised notification. The clients will also have access to the name of all meals edited in the app.


The meal plan will also appear with the name of the meals edited.


We hope that this new feature will help you offer an even more personalised appointment. This way your clients will have individualized care and will feel unique.

This is yet another feature that came from the suggestions we received from nutrition professionals.

Our primary goal is to continue working on what our professionals suggest and to make your nutrition appointments as intuitive and efficient as possible.

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