Now you can print your lists of equivalents

Now you can print your lists of equivalents

Learn everything about Nutrium's lists of equivalents, how you can create them and how you can deliver them to your clients.

We are well aware that when different professionals see different clients, they also require different approaches when it comes to nutritional counselling.

To make Nutrium even more personalised to each professional we've updated the Equivalents feature so now it is possible to print lists of equivalents as well as food groups in separate from the meal plan.

Why is this update important?

More often than not, in addition to prescribing a meal plan, nutrition professionals also focus on nutrition education of their clients. This allows clients to

The possibility to print lists of equivalents and food group separately from the meal plan will empower clients to make their own choices and be able to be more independent when it comes to their meals by choosing from the various food options recommended by their professional, without failing to meet their goals.

How to print lists of equivalents?

On the left side menu, in Equivalents, you can create your own lists of equivalents and food groups.

After adding foods to your list or food group you just need to click on the printer button and the software will generate a PDF with all the equivalents chosen.

You can then choose to print them out or to send the document to your clients through the mobile app.

Printed layout of lists of equivalents

In line with our newest update of the meal plan and recipe's improved design, this list of equivalents shows the simple layout so it can be easier for clients to quickly check the several food options recommended by you.

The same applies to food groups, which are created on the same menu and can also be printed with the new layout in addition to the meal plan.

lists of equivalents in Nutrium

Aspects to take into consideration

Each list of equivalents and food group will be printed on a single page. Thus, it is no possible to merge more than one of them in one single document.

This new feature is particularly interesting for professionals who usually recommend extensive lists with several options. Shorter lists can be added to the meal plan without interfering with its final layout.

With this new update, we want to allow professionals to work even closer with their clients, improving nutritional counselling and also the independence in between appointments.

When contributing to the success of our professionals' clients, we also contribute to their success.

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