Nutrition events to attend in Europe in 2022

Nutrition events to attend in Europe in 2022

Nutrition events are a great way to learn more about the latest research and expand your networking opportunities. Here are the top nutrition events you can attend in Europe in 2022.

Thanks to the ever-changing world of nutrition, it can be challenging to keep up with the latest research. That's where nutrition conferences come into play! These events are the perfect opportunity to network with other professionals, learn about trending nutrition topics, and expand your knowledge.

There are many options for both in-person and online nutrition conferences, so we have compiled a list of the top European events you should consider attending if they align with your professional interests.

As of January 2022, other main events have not yet been announced, so this post will be updated to reflect additional EU nutrition conferences.

3rd International Symposium on Nutrition (ISN 2022): Urban Food Policies for Sustainable Nutrition and Health

  • Date: January 27-28, 2022
  • Location: Virtual
  • Organizer: The Nutrition Society and The French Nutrition Society
  • Registration: You can register for the event here.
  • Description: Our world is moving. Cities have to adapt to meet climate challenges and the evolution of increasing urban populations and their health risks. In particular, cities have to create new models for the sustainable production, transformation, and distribution of food products to best meet each individual's nutritional needs and ensure optimal health. The International Symposium on Nutrition (ISN 2022) will bring together the expertise from academia, policy, industry, and city representatives to present and debate urban policies for sustainable nutrition and health.

Clinical Nutrition Symposium

  • Date: February 19, 2022
  • Location: Catholic University of Louvain, Brussels
  • Organizer: The Food Nutrition Liaison Committee (CLAN) and the Food and Dietetics Department of Saint-Luc University Clinics
  • Registration: You can register for the event here.
  • Description: Not available at this time.

The European French-speaking Dietitians Days

  • Date: February 27 to 29, 2022
  • Location: Lyon Congress Centre, Brussels
  • Organizer: The Belgian (UPDLF), Luxembourg (ANDL), and Swiss (ASDD) national dietetic associations
  • Registration: You can register for the event here.
  • Description: The event is focused on training and information action: a quality scientific program for dietitians, doctors, and experts in nutrition and food. It is a high point of communication: the event brings together dietitians from all sectors of activity, from France and other countries.

XXI Food and Nutrition Congress - Science as a basis for action

  • Date: March 26-27, 2022
  • Location: Lisbon, Portugal
  • Organizer: Portuguese Association of Nutrition
  • Registration: You can register for the event here.
  • Description: Not available at this time.

IV Conference of “Alimentologia

  • Date: April 2, 2022
  • Location: ITEP Sevilla, Spain
  • Organizer: José María Puya
  • Registration: You can register for the event here.
  • Description: The IV Food Science Conference focuses on Nutrition Entrepreneurship. Speakers include Ismael Galancho, Bárbara Sánchez, Alba Ramírez, Roberto Sánchez Nufisa and Isabel Pérez. All the speakers are specialized in one of these topics: Counselling, Exercise, Social Networks, Entrepreneurship.

Spring Conference 2022: Nutrition, immune function, and infectious disease

  • Date: April 4-5, 2022
  • Location: Hybrid event–online and Royal Society of Edinburgh, United Kingdom
  • Organizer: The Nutrition Society
  • Registration: You can register for the event here.
  • Description: Nutrition plays a fundamental role in maintaining health and preventing disease. During the COVID pandemic, a range of commentaries from scientific journals to social media posts has suggested a role for dietary interventions in protection against either contracting or recovery from infection of this and similar transmissible viruses. The current program is designed to examine the role of macro- and micronutrient intake and nutritional status on immune function and infectious disease susceptibility.

Summer Conference 2022: Food and Nutrition: pathways to a sustainable future

  • Date: July 12-15, 2022
  • Location: Hybrid event–online and Sheffield Hallam University, United Kingdom
  • Organizer: The Nutrition Society and Sheffield Hallam University, University of Sheffield, and Sheffield City Council
  • Registration: You can register for the event here.
  • Description: Sustainability is high on the agenda for individuals and for society as a whole. Recent meetings such as COP 26 have highlighted the urgency of addressing climate change, of which food systems are a key factor. The overarching theme of this conference highlights sustainability. It is a large, diverse, and contemporary issue consisting of environmental, societal, and health perspectives that will be addressed from varying angles. This meeting will consider building ethical food systems, tackling inequalities, and sustaining health and well-being for future generations.

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