Nutrition in the News | Issue nº 8

Nutrition in the News | Issue nº 8

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This month almonds and avocados are in the spotlight alongside new reports released by WHO and a new academy was launched in the UK in order to protect the nutrition and dietetics profession.

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Almonds Influence Satiety and Appetite Control

recently published study found that almonds are an effective way of controlling appetite compared to an energy-matched alternative snack.

This crossover trial in 42 female participants measured appetite, 24-hour energy intake, food hedonics and consumer perceptions of snack foods under laboratory conditions. Participants consumed a fixed breakfast and mid-morning snack. The snacks were almonds, savoury crackers or the equivalent weight of water (control).

The researchers found that almonds suppressed hunger more than the savoury crackers. Almonds were also perceived to have a more favourable consumer profile aligned with successful weight management.

This study suggests that choosing nuts such as almonds as a snack has the potential to positively influence appetite and satiety, which could help with weight management in some people.

portion of almonds is about 1 ounce (23 nuts) and contains an impressive 6g protein, 3g fibre and 170 calories.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) Release Report on Microplastics and Health

WHO have published their first ever report looking at the impact of microplastics in drinking water on human health.

The report critically examined relevant studies before concluding that microplastic particles in drinking water are not harmful to human health at current levels. Their report was based on limited evidence, and they urgently called for more research.

Many scientists suspect that microplastics pose a bigger health hazard than previously thought, with particular concerns relating to the effects of microplastics on the gut microbiome.

Studies are underway, but in the meantime we could all benefit from reducing our usage of plastics. There’s no need to avoid tap or bottled water altogether, but where possible, take a refillable, non-plastic bottle with you and try to reduce your usage of microplastic-containing products (i.e. certain cleaning detergents and makeup products).

Academy of Nutrition Sciences Launches in the UK

The Academy of Nutrition Sciences officially launched on 15th October in the UK. This new charitable organisation brings together the British Dietetic Association (BDA), the Association for NutritionBritish Nutrition Foundation and The Nutrition Society.

It’s hoped that this collaboration will help to improve health and wellbeing by delivering clear, consistent and evidence-based messages about nutrition to the public. The Academy will also help to champion research and nutrition education, promoting nutrition as a core science subject with diverse career opportunities.

The launch of the academy comes at an important time, as the role of diet and nutrition in health and disease is becoming better recognised.

Avocados May Help In Metabolic Disorders

New research has shown that a compound in avocados (AvoB) has favourable effects on insulin sensitivity and lipid metabolism in rodents, and is safely tolerated in humans.

Mice were given a high-fat diet for 8 weeks and then fed AvoB for 5 weeks. The mice receiving AvoB weighed significantly less and showed greater insulin sensitivity compared to the control group.

Humans were fed a dietary supplement containing similar levels of AvoB to those found in whole avocados for 60 days. AvoB was safely absorbed into the blood of participants without any adverse effects on organs.

The researchers concluded that AvoB is safe in humans. In rodents, it inhibits fatty acid oxidation and improves blood markers associated with diet-induced obesity, which may have nutritional and clinical importance. In the future, they plan to test AvoB in people with metabolic disorders such as type 2 diabetes.

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