Nutrium Gym: Get to know Nutrium new package

Nutrium Gym: Get to know Nutrium new package

In 2018 we started firming the first partnerships with several gyms and wellness personalization across Portugal, Spain, the UK and the US.

Now, we let you know how your gym and your nutrition consultants can benefit from using Nutrium as the nutrition counseling tool.

While working with several wellness and fitness counseling, we realized that it was essential for these spaces to have the flexibility to provide nutrition services that were equality innovative. Offering the opportunity to integrate this service with other already in place, and offer a solution that could be personalized to them.

Thus, we decided to launch a new package available in Nutrium: Nutrium Gym offering better personalisation and bespoke adaptation.

What does Nutrium Gym offer?

Since every gym and fitness counseling has different working methods, this new package differentiates from the other due to its high personalization.

Get to know what is included:

  • Mobile app branding: Nutrium Gym mobile app will offer associates access to the nutrition consultant recommendations;
  • Integration with other software: Nutrium Gym package offers the possibility of integrating existing database platforms into the software streamlining the adaptation process;
  • Data exportation: Nutrium Gym offers personalised data reports of all appointments and the progress of the clients who are receiving nutrition counselling.

Why should your gym have this package?

The new package is vital for the innovative fitness center to stand out and offer associates better nutrition counselling advice for wellbeing and performance.

Here are some advantages to your gym and nutrition professionals:

  • More efficient nutrition consultations: nutrition professionals working at gyms will be able to provide counseling in less time since Nutrium streamline all time-consuming tasks;
  • Improve client retention: professionals will be able to provide a closer follow-up to clients improving their results and satisfaction;
  • Increased value for money: By using an innovative solution in the Gym's nutrition department and offering a free mobile app, associates will see more value in using the gym's services;
  • Assess clients' metrics easily: by integrating Nutrium with other platforms, such as booking, current associates database and so on, it is possible to assess and compare metrics from different departments;
  • More information: With Nutrium it is possible to export all essential data regarding clients and with that assess their workout and nutritional goals.

There are a lot of benefits for the gym associates as well:

  • Mobile app to track nutrition wellbeing: After the first nutrition consult associates can check all their recommendations and meal plan at any time, with the gym's mobile app;
  • Clarification of doubts at any time: With the mobile app, associates can ask questions, log their progress and let their nutrition professional know how they are feeling;
  • Increase motivation and commitment: The mobile app will motivate associates in keeping up with their nutritional plan, track physical activity, water intake and also attended the follow-up appointment to check results.

Know if Nutrium Gym is right for your business

Are you interested in learning more about Nutrium Gym and understanding how this can improve your business?

Send an email to to schedule a meeting or ask any queries. Our team will get in touch with you shortly to show you all the features available.

If you want to have a look at Nutrium first hand make sure invite the nutrition consultant to try out Nutrium by registering here.

Continue investing in your wellness and fitness center, and clients' results by improving its nutrition services.

Get in touch with us and let us know your most significant challenges for 2019 and we'll show how Nutrium Gym can help you achieve that.