Nutrium has new features for Paediatric nutrition!

Nutrium has new features for Paediatric nutrition!

Paediatric nutrition is a very important area, and we at Nutrium want to make sure that professionals have all the tools they need to provide nutritional care to children and teenagers. See what features we have updated.

With the increase of overweight and obese children, adequate nutritional intervention is crucial to try to reverse this reality. That is why it is essential for the nutrition professional to have the right resources to intervene effectively in paediatric nutrition.

Nutrium is now adapted to allow our professionals to create nutritional interventions and counselling to children and adolescents. We have included new clinical information fields, growths standards provided by the World Health Organization, among other new features.

Some of these updates appear automatically from the moment the professional registers the patient's age, as long as it is under 19 years old.

New patient's information fields

Now in patients under 5-year-olds, in the section information, it is possible to register data regarding pregnancy course and child behaviour as well as new data from dietary history, such as:

  • Maternal weight gain
  • Maternal behaviours at pregnancy
  • Gestational age at birth
  • Breastfeeding
  • Food diversification
  • Milk and infant formulas

New anthropometric measurements available for paediatric nutrition

Now there is a button to facilitate the registration of weight and length at birth, as well as the inclusion of head circumference as a new anthropometric measurement.

WHO Child Growth Standards

Due to the importance of WHO Child Growth Standards to assess the weight, growth and adequate development of children, now in the planning section is possible to view these growth standards graphs, according to age and gender.

When registering data regarding age, weight and height, depending on the case, it is possible to view several indicators:

  • Weight-for-height
  • Weight-for-age
  • Height-for-age
  • BMI-for-age

To make Nutrium more adaptable to every professional, it is possible to choose to use Z-scores or percentiles, customizable in your preferences page.

Still, in the planning section we've added nutritional recommendations of macronutrients and fibre, according to the Food and Nutrition Board. The same source was used to adequate the daily recommended intake to group age, in the analysis section.

Predictive equations

Nutrium's predictive equations are always adapted to its conditions, from which gender and group age.

In infants (aged 0-5), the equation available to determine energy requirements is from the Food and Nutrition Board, Institute of Medicine, 2005.

In children aged over 5, it is possible to use Harris and Benedict's equation. From the age of 18 years old, the professional can use the usual equations available in Nutrium.

To predict fat mass percentage Nutrium has available Slaughter's (et al.) equation, from ages of 7 until 18 years old.

Dietary recommendations

Since in infant ages dietary recommendations are more used than the actual creation of a structured meal plan, we have emphasised the recommendations field.

Also in this section, we've made the physical activity field customizable in ages from 0 to 5 years old, this allows the professional to give more personalised recommendations.

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We are always improving our software and making it more and more complete, to help our professionals' work. Have any suggestions to give? We can't wait to hear them.