Why offer the Nutrium mobile app to your nutrition clients

Why offer the Nutrium mobile app to your nutrition clients

Nutrium is an intuitive nutrition software for professionals, with a mobile app for their nutrition clients, to deliver and keep up to date with their overall progress, food diaries, and client dietary recommendations based on meal plans and general dietary recommendations.

It's a tool for nutrition professionals focused not only on improving and streamlining nutritionists and dietitians workflow but most of all in improving nutrition clients' compliance and motivation when starting nutrition programs.

Now clients using both Android and iOS can experience the next generation of nutritional follow-up delivered by you through Nutrium.

We'll be highlighting here what is new and how to set clients up with the Nutrium mobile app.

Check here all the features you can offer your clients with the Nutrium mobile app:

If you'd like to only check how nutrition professionals will benefit from the food diary check this article.

How to set up the Nutrium Mobile App for your nutrition clients

Now your clients will have no trouble accessing the mobile app.

After or before the nutrition consultation, recommend Nutrium mobile app to your clients by email or by SMS text with instructions to download the app for iOS or Android.

Check here how to give access.

As soon as the client logs in for the first time, you can see this notification on Nutrium.

What can the mobile app offer

Main dashboard

Nutrium mobile app can help them keep track of their nutrition and fitness goals, supervised by you as the professional.

  • Update their last 3 meals of the food diary;
  • Check what the next recommended meal is;
  • Keep track of water intake goals, register what they've consumed, and get reminders during the day to not forget to drink water;
  • Track physical activity by syncing with other apps or manually logging physical exercises.

By using the mobile app, it is also possible to log physical exercises manually. Check here how to add them.

Food diary

Once clients are set up with a meal plan, they can update their professional on their progress by logging meals or simply letting you know they've completed them on the mobile app.

On the main dashboard, they can let you know if they have been compliant with the recommendations of the last 3 meals of the day.

They choose the smiley face when all the recommendations have been met or the sad face when clients have not been compliant. If the latter is chosen, they'll be asked to update the information on their meal.

By clicking on the two arrows, clients can give additional information on the changes they've made, if they chose another food product, another serving size or if they have eaten a greater or lower amount than recommended.

If they click on the three dots ... clients will be asked:

  • If they did not eat these foods;
  • To restore changes to its original meals;
  • Add another food;
  • Change the hour of the meal.

They can see the overall food diary and which meal has been successful or if any meals have been skipped, as well as previous days. It is also possible to add a new meal.

How nutrition professionals can track clients' food diary

To see what are the benefits of the professional dashboard, you can check what makes this feature unique and how to analyze the data in the blog post The food diary is now available!.

It is also possible o check the nutritional information of the food diaries.

Meal Plans

Here, clients can check the meal plan recommended by the nutrition consultant meal by meal. If you've advised different meal plans for different days, they can quickly scroll through them.

If the meal plan has included recipes, they can check them in more detail by clicking over the name or accessing the menu Recipes.

Clients can also activate notifications to be reminded of their daily meals.

You can also decide if you want your clients to have access to the nutritional information of each of their meals. You can choose to allow or deny access for all of your clients at once on the ‘Configurations and Preferences´ menu, or you can select this option for each of your clients individually in the ´Deliverables´ section of their profile. Please see how you can do so in the video below.

In the same menu on the software you can also configure other preferences, so you can decide exactly what each client will be able to see and do on the mobile app. You can enable or disable a range of features:

Access to the mobile app - decide if that specific client should have access to the Nutrium mobile app;

Weight recording feature - choose if your client will be able to register his/her weight evolution, or disable this option and track the weight yourself during your appointments;

Food diary - allow your client to register the food diary through the mobile app, or disable this option for him/her;

Messages feature - decide if your client can send you messages through the mobile app;

Confirmation of appointments - let your clients confirm appointments with you within the app.


In addition to the meal plan, when professionals prescribe additional recommendations according to clients' goals, clients can check which goals if there are any foods they should avoid or recommend they should pay particular attention to.

All of this information is only featured if you have input any details on this section as a professional. Otherwise, these fields will be omitted.


In between appointments, nutrition professionals can request an update on clients' weight progress. If so, they can register their weight logs in this section.

If using Android, clients just need to slide through the menus to reach the tab Measurements. If using iOS, clients should click on the ... icon and choose Measurements.


Clients can also check upcoming appointments scheduled by you and have the possibility to reschedule or cancel any appointment due to unforeseen events.

Nutrium will send your clients reminders before the appointment, so they don't forget them.


During consultation periods, it is important to request clients for updates on their progress. If given access, they can safely communicate with you through Nutrium messaging app. You can also access the Messages dashboard to check on them.

In here, they can ask questions regarding changes they'd like to be made on the meal plan, manage bookings, send feedback on their progress or address any question. They are also able to send you photos of your progress or meals.

Any changes made on their profile, such as the meal plan, recommendations, or appointments scheduled, will be notified through an automated message.

Additional settings

They can personalize the mobile app to their best use. In here they can:

  • Enable or disable all the app's notifications;
  • Choose a different time to get meal notifications;
  • Set the water intake notifications preferences;
  • Change units of mass, length, volume, energy, and distance;
  • Upload a profile picture so they can feel they have a more personalized follow-up!

So why would clients have a mobile app for nutrition?

With a mobile app, clients can keep track of their goals, recommendations, updates, and expose concerns to their professionals.

By having their nutritional recommendations one click away, available all the time, they will be more compliant, successful, and most important, motivated.

With this article, we wanted to share the latest features of the Nutrium mobile app and help you easily guide your clients when setting up the app.

Let us know which features or personalizations you would like to see available.