Reviews are very important so users can easily know if a software is a right fit for their work and having external entities reviewing the website is always a great way to deliver non-bias information.

With that in mind, Nutrium was recently reviewed by CompareCamp, an independent business software review website used as a reference by thousands of businesses in looking for a suitable platform for their operations. You can check their full review here.

"...the software has been distinguished with our Great User Experience Award and Rising Star of 2018 Award. "

Nutrium was certified as a well-designed and intuitive software that allows dietitians and nutritionists to rely on for connecting with patients, keeping them motivated, and improving customer retention.

This award was given based on several parameters covering from main functionalities, integrations, ease-of-use, help & support, security, mobility, and media rating in which Nutrium receive an overall score of 82%.

This review, made by independent experts, was based on a transparent and thorough evaluation, scoring Nutrium as the best software in the nutrition field.

According to CompareCamp, Nutrium is a quality nutrition software that allows professionals to provide the best nutritional counselling to their clients so they achieve better results and improve compliance.

With Nutrium, dietitians and nutritionists can easily perform their day-to-day tasks, from simple appointment management and nutritional assessment to developing personalised meal plans and using a mobile app for a clear overview of client’s results.

CompareCamp also lauded the Nutrium mobile app for empowering clients to keep track of their dietary recommendations, daily physical activity levels, securely connect with their professional and be compliant with their goals.

We want to thank CompareCamp for the awards given and for the review. We will continue improving our software so it is the best and most complete nutrition software for nutrition professionals.

Come and see for yourself what Nutrium can do for you. Register now and enjoy our 14-day-free trial. We will help you every step of the way.