Nutrium University | For nutrition students and researchers

Nutrium University | For nutrition students and researchers

Our team is keen on helping students from nutrition higher education to get access to the most up-to-date resources available in the field with Nutrium University.

We believe that giving students the opportunity to have access to such a complete tool will undoubtedly help them to be better professionals in the future. That is reflected in our partnerships with several universities across the world.

We are already working with students from 25 universities and have also partnered with many professional associations to provide access to Nutrium to all.

That is why you can now apply to Nutrium University, our student subscription package if you are attending a nutrition or dietetics course.

Nutrium is a nutrition software for students and their professional development

During your nutrition degree it is essential to start preparing yourself for the future. Being updated with the latest research and tools available and aimed at nutrition counselling is crucial, such as nutrition software for college students.

Here's how Nutrium can help you during your course:

Nutrium is also available for 50% OFF for dissertations researches and research scholarships, and recent graduates can also benefit from a special discount.

What you need to find your place in the nutrition field

Apart from having a comprehensive nutrition software for half price to give you the tools and expertise, our team will also work to make you an expert in promoting yourself.

Nowadays, professionals who want to start their own business and trace their own path need to learn much more than nutrition science. It is essential to learn how to make the most of their environment and how to get their name out there.

With Nutrium you will also have access to:

  • Exclusive marketing content to allow you to set your own business and how to thrive at it;
  • Be updated with the latest news in nutrition;
  • Exclusive access to events and conferences on nutrition;
  • Possibility to create your personal website, marketing tips for your future office and your brand.

You can count on our support

You'll have access to Nutrium anywhere just by accessing Nutriumour team will always be one click away to answer any questions or to fix any issues through the messaging chat, email or Whatsapp at +351 935 455 758.

Once you sign up, you can request a personalised demo to help you better understand the software.

We'll make sure that your experience with the software is as smooth as possible, and after you graduate all your information will be kept safe and ready to use.

You'll also get access to our updates and new features first handed.

How to get your discount

You can register for free and explore the software for 14 days, with no commitments. Then, you can decide if you want to continue using Nutrium for your academic studies.

To have access to Nutrium University and our student subscription you just need to send us an email at with a proof that you are currently attending a nutrition or dietetics course.

Our team will then provide you with a special discount.

How to have 100% free access

We are always partnering with Universities to provide free access to the software for students and faculty members.

If your University wants to start using Nutrium in lectures, or just available for students to use during their academic course get in touch with us:

Let's start improving nutrition together and request now your Student Subscription at

We hope students can take advantage of this partnership and this early contact with our software will be of great value in the future.

Make sure you try the 14-day free trial and explore all the features for you and your clients.