Partnership with The Training Centre of Wellbeing

Partnership Nutrium and Future Fit Training Online Nutrition Courses

Nutrium - Nutrition software has partnered with Future Fit Training to bring to students an innovative software that will be a great addition to their educational programme.

Nutrium will be included in all of their nutrition diplomas, which are offered entirely online and accredited by the Association for Nutrition.

If you are a Future Fit Student, here's how you can benefit from this partnership.

What are the advantages of the partnership between Nutrium and Future Fit Training?

If you are attending any of these three Nutrition Courses, you can get free student access to the Nutrium software package by presenting evidence of enrolment.

With this software, you will be able to kick start your nutrition career with all the tools you need in one single place.

During the course, you will be able to put into practice the evidence-based information you'll learn, such as calculating clients' nutritional needs, assessing body composition, and checking the nutritional status of clients based on what foods they have been eating.

You can also benefit from other features that will allow you to take your first steps into the online world.

Here are the features that Nutrium offers:

Business ManagementReceive appointment bookings and manage your schedule and services.
Nutritional assessmentCollect important information from your clients to determine their nutritional status.
Body composition assessmentUse anthropometric measurements and predictive equations or sync your smart scales.
Dietary assessmentAsk clients to send you their food diaries through the app or register their recent meals.
Nutritional analysisUsing more than 16 food composition databases, check if your meal plans are adequate in terms of macro and micronutrients and energy distribution.
Recipe developingCreate recipes with all the nutritional information from more than 30 000 foods. Add them to meal plans, send them to clients' directly or share them online.
Online appointment bookingsLet clients self book their appointments through an online platform and according to your availability.
TelehealthOffer online appointments with video calling integration with Zoom, Google Meet, or others.
Online paymentsAllow clients to pay online by integrating Nutrium with Stripe. You can send payment requests and follow up with the entire payment journey in Nutrium.
Nutrition WebsiteCreate your nutrition website integrated with your booking system and get noticed online.
Client Mobile appMake sure clients feel supported and are meeting their goals with a mobile app to track meals, get notifications and never miss an appointment.
Professional Mobile appCheck up on clients on the go and from anywhere, away from your computer.
Client TrackingSee if clients are meeting their nutrition recommendations with a color code simplified by Nutrium.
Client MessagingAnswer clients' doubts, check if they are doing okay, send them resources and wish them a happy birthday with a direct messaging feature (software and mobile app).
Business reportsKnow how many appointments you give monthly, your website stats and check you retention rate.

Make sure to click the links above to get a step-by-step of each feature.

To make the most of the student membership, students can also check our additional resources:

Our Youtube Channel is filled with helpful tutorial videos and also this webinar to help students set up their business with Nutrium.


How to benefit from this partnership

All students registered on Future Fit Training Nutrition diplomas will have 6 months of free access to Nutrium during their educational programme.

To empower new professionals when the course is complete, students can continue using the software with a special discount on their first subscriptions.

To get access to the special discount, get in touch with our client support at

With this partnership, we take a step further in providing future nutrition advisers with the tools to give innovative and improved nutrition counselling and to help Future Fit elevate their educational offer.

We hope students can take advantage of this partnership, and this early contact with our software will be of great value in the future.