Prenatal nutrition: weight gain, additional nutritional needs and more

Prenatal nutrition: weight gain, additional nutritional needs and more

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Nutrium is now optimised for prenatal nutrition. In addition to the registration of relevant information about this specific group, we have also added new anthropometric measurements, predictive calculations and evaluation graphics.

It is well established that dietary habits of women during pregnancy directly affect their baby's health. Thus, it is essential to adopt a healthy and balanced lifestyle as early as possible.

Assessing relevant information about the pregnancy

Nutrium is integrated with new nutritional assessment fields where the professional can register every information about the gestational period such as last menstrual period or if it is a single of multiple gestations in the section Information of the appointment layout.

Additionally, depending on the last menstrual period, the software is able to calculate gestational age.


Adapted anthropometric measurements

In the section measurements is possible to add new measures such as levels of antibodies IgG and IgM, since these are important for the diagnosis of toxoplasmosis during pregnancy. With this feature, it is also possible to register pre-pregnancy weight as well as current weight.

Prenatal nutrition

Weight gain evolution graphics

Appropriate maternal weight gain during pregnancy is a critical factor in pregnancy outcomes. The IOM guidelines for recommended weight gain during the 40 weeks of pregnancy can be compared with the actual weight progress of the patient in a graphic, making it easy and intuitive to analyse any variances.

Nutrium also calculates BMI during the gestational period according to Atalah's curve making it easier and automatic.

Prenatal nutrition

Energy and nutrients recommendations

Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) in this particular group is set according to predictive equations by FAO/WHO, 2004. To estimate daily energetic requirements, additional nutritional needs during pregnancy will be taken into account alongside the BMR.

Nutrium also allows estimating daily energy needs and additional nutritional needs according to the Food and Nutrition Board (IOM, 2005).

Last but by no means least, nutrient requirements are also adjusted to all stages of pregnancy according to referenced international entities.

If you use different assessment methods during your prenatal nutrition counselling feel free to leave us your suggestions so we can continue to improve the software.

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