When it comes to nutritional advice, qualified nutrition professionals are the ones to deliver the most up-to-date, accurate and science-based advice to their clients or patients.

During nutrition consults for example, in prenatal nutrition, patients are looking forward to being given practical recommendations on how to improve their overall health and eating habits or to target specific problems/conditions.

The role of nutrition professionals is to translate research into practical nutrition tips and knowledge so relying on nutritional guides is a good practice that professionals use to do so.

How to give recommendations easily

Sometimes, it's hard to deliver all the useful information and translating it to clients within the half-hour, one-hour-long appointments.

That is why putting in the work of creating easy-to-follow and easy-to-access resources of information is a great solution. But who has time for that, right?

With that in mind, our team has put together a series of guides to help professionals on the field to get access to quick and easy-to-follow information regarding nutritional needs and care of special groups of the population.

Prenatal nutritional recommendations are a big part of the clinical nutrition field. And although recommendations need to be given according to each patient's nutritional status, it is essential to have at hand a practical guide in which professionals can use as a reference when consulting the patient.

Why are prenatal nutritional guidelines important?

Prenatal health is super important, not only for the mother-to-be but also because it will be the determinant of the child's health as well.

This is a guide that will help professionals give evidence-based recommendations, provided by the World Health Organisation guidelines, and work with their patients to reach better results, in the short, and long term.

Several topics on prenatal nutrition for pregnant women such as:

  • Additional energetic needs;
  • Physiological symptoms and how to assess them;
  • Foods and nutrients to take into consideration;
  • Macro and micronutrients recommendations.

How can you access the prenatal nutritional guide

The Prenatal Nutritional Recommendations guide is complementary to Nutrium adaptation for prenatal nutrition consults and will help professionals be more successful in getting their recommendations and message to patients using the platform.


Let us know what you thought of the guide, and do share if you are using it on your nutrition appointments with mothers-to-be.

Keep an eye on the blog to know when the next one is released.

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