Quickly check your clients' meal plans nutritional information

Quickly check your clients’ meal plans nutritional information

Nutrium meal planning feature allows you to assess how the foods you are adding contribute to the meal plans nutritional information.

When consulting with clients in the nutrition business, more often than not, they will ask you to provide them with a personalised meal plan. And that's great because it is a way for you to offer them something unique and customized to their preferences.

Creating an effective and easy to apply meal plan is very important. That is why most professionals opt to first, assess the clients' food diary using nutrition software and make the correct adjustments from that baseline, baring in mind the daily dietary requirements for calories and macronutrients distribution.

How does Nutrium macronutrient distribution feature work

When providing the nutritional and diet assessment with Nutrium, during an appointment with a client, you can first register their foods diaries, eating preferences, and usual habits.

Then, through body composition evaluation, you can assess what their dietary needs are, which means estimating their Basal Metabolic Rate and defining their Daily Energy Needs. To create a personalised meal plan, you need to set what is the most suitable macronutrient distribution.

meal plans nutritional information

meal plans nutritional information

How to streamline the creation of meal plans

When all the recommendations are planned, it's time to start creating the actual meal plan by adding foods and making sure that they meet the requirements.

To do that efficiently, now you can compare the macronutrient distribution set in the previous step with the distribution of the current meal plan you are creating.

Why is this feature important

Since creating meal plans can be time-consuming, it is important to have at hand a reminder of what you have planned and what are the recommendations for vitamins and mineral for each particular group of patients.

In the same section where you are creating the meal plan, you can check the energy requirements of the client, fats, carbohydrates and protein distribution. The same can be done for vitamins and minerals, according to:

If, when you are creating a meal plan and for some reason exceed your clients' requirements, Nutrium will give you a heads up so you can review your meal plan.

meal plans nutritional information

meal plans nutritional information

When your clients need to pay special attention to certain micronutrients, you can also check if your recommendations are suitable.

You are also able to check what is each micronutrient Recommended Intake and compare that value with your current meal plan.

alt​​We hope this feature will help you streamline your consults and allow you to offer a personalised and more accurate service to your clients.

Our goal is to help you help them to reach their goals.

If you haven't already, try Nutrium our for 14-days for free to see how easy it is to make dietary recommendations for your clients.