Scaling your nutrition practice through brand partnerships

Scaling your nutrition practice through brand partnerships

As a health professional, you may not think about working with brands as the first way to help grow your professional profile. Working with health and wellness brands can offer a variety of business opportunities - whether you are looking to diversify your revenue, earn credibility as a professional, or add value to your clients.

This article was written by Holly Pelton, RD2Be, and Jenna Gorham, RD, of The RD Link. The RD LINK is a platform that allows health-focused food and beverage brands to connect directly with nutrition experts.

In this article, our guest writers give you 4 reasons why you should connect with brands as a professional.

Why connect with brands as a private practice dietitian?

Earn credibility as a dietitian

Like being quoted in the media or writing a cookbook gives you credibility as a trusted and experienced expert, the same goes for working with brands. Whether a brand features you or you feature the brand - it shows the audience that this health food company trusts you as an expert, and they should be too.


Reach a wider audience

By partnering with brands with similar goals, missions, and target audiences, you can reach more people with credible nutrition information and get your voice heard among your audience and the brand's audience. Being seen among their audience positions you as an expert among your target audience and can help you grow your audience and potential clients.


Provide value to your clients

By partnering with brands that align with your niche (ex: gluten-free, gut health, low sugar/low carb...), it helps you better serve your clients when they ask for food or brand recommendations that might fit their lifestyle because you already will have knowledge about the brands and resources to share.
By having relationships with brands that are a good fit for your clientele, you not only help your clients make easier decisions while grocery shopping but can also offer coupons, samples, or discount codes.


Diversify your revenue

Working with brands can even offer an additional source of revenue to your business. Health and wellness brands are often seeking experts to speak to the health benefits of their products or educate and create content to share with their consumers. Think beyond social media. There are many ways to partner with brands!


"What if I’m not an influencer..."

Even if you don’t have a million followers on social media, you can absolutely still work with brands. Brands are looking to align with experts because you offer a credible and trusted voice of approval for their products. There are many ways you can partner with brands - don't be afraid to get creative! For a few ideas, take a look at this article: How to Partner with Brands When You’re Not a Social Media Influencer.


Getting started

We find that many dietitians love the thought of connecting with brands and see huge potential for adding value to their practice - but how do you get started? It’s actually easier than you may think. If you are interested in preparing a little more, take a look at this article. It has everything you need to know on crafting your offer and getting ready to reach out to brands.

Then, create your free account on The RD Link.

The RD Link is the easiest way to get started connecting with brands.

Link is an all-in-one platform where brands and RDs can connect and collaborate. With over 25 health-driven food brands on the site, RDs have easy access to brand partnership opportunities and direct access to the correct contact person at each company.

Brands can reach out to you if they are interested in connecting, and you can reach out directly to them as well to discuss opportunities for sampling products, sharing coupons with clients, or pursuing paid partnerships.

The best part - accounts are free for RDs! You can create your free account here to instantly get started connecting with brands - no experience needed.



Did you find this article useful? Now is the time to start connecting with brands and grow your business!

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