Send nutrition assessment forms to clients with Nutrium

Send nutrition assessment forms to clients with Nutrium

Any nutrition professional knows the power of a nutrition assessment form. Whether it's to get more information about a client before the first appointment or to gather data that will help to personalize the follow-up, this type of form can play an important role in the nutritional process.

Therefore, you can send the nutrition assessment form directly through our software and view the answers in the client's profile, easily and securely.

For your convenience, our questionnaire is:

  • Customizable. We have prepared the form with essential anamnesis questions that you already know from Nutrium, but you can always hide certain questions, according to the effect you want.
  • Adapted to each client. Some of the questions are unique to a certain type of client, such as pediatric clients or women of fertile age. Nutrium will always send the form adapted to the client in question, according to the gender and date of birth that you define when creating the client in our software.
  • Sent when it's convenient for you. As a nutrition professional, you can define when you want to send the assessment form to each client. For this purpose, simply go to the client's profile within the software and click on the Send assessment form button.
  • Automatic filling in the information. All data that a client fills in their assessment form will be automatically inserted in the appropriate fields in the client profile, so you can save time and effort.
  • 100% secure. Each form has a unique universal identifier (UUID) and is 100% GDPR compliant, ensuring that all data entered by the client is private and will only be used for the automatic filling of the respective fields in the Nutrium client profile.

What does the nutrition assessment form include?

The form can only be sent after creating the client profile in Nutrium, so the basic information such as name, date of birth, residence, and contacts will already be filled out. A good questionnaire should include information about:

  • The client's motivations for the consultation or follow-up;
  • Personal and social history;
  • Food history;
  • Clinical history;
  • Gestational history, when it comes to women of fertile age;
  • Anthropometric measurements and additional observations;

Still, the personalization of the questionnaire is important so that it can be adapted to different professionals and different clients. That is why the Nutrium nutrition assessment form can be adapted, making it possible to omit or present different fields and questions.

For example, if you don't usually ask your clients for their weight or height, you can omit that question.

To customize the form, you must access the software menu and select Configurations and Preferences. Inside this page is the section Configuration of the nutrition assessment form, where you will find several options that you can edit as desired.

Within these sections, there are several questions that may or may not be presented, depending on your purpose. When sending, Nutrium will always adapt the questionnaire to the client in question. For example, the section "Gestational history" will only appear to women of fertile age, and will never be sent if the client is a male.

You can change the assessment form as often as you like, with each change being saved as a default. Therefore, if you remove a question from the survey, for example, all surveys you send to your next clients will have that question omitted unless you change the form settings again before sending it again.

How can you send the nutrition assessment form to a client?

To send the assessment form, just go to the Nutrium client profile, go to the Information section and click on the Send assessment form button.

The client will receive a message via the Nutrium app (if they have already been granted access) and by email, with an explanation of the form and a link to it. Thus, the client will only have to complete the information requested in the form and submit it when it is finished.

The information filled in by the client will be automatically inserted in the respective fields in the client profile, namely in the tab Information (in the case of information on medical history and eating habits) and Measurements (in the case of weight and height).

The information that has been automatically entered into Nutrium after receiving a client form will always have the source indicated so that you can better control which information was entered from the form and which was filled in by you.

How can you find out the step-by-step of the nutrition assessment form?

If there are still doubts or you want to see all the information about this feature more completely, visit our help center and see the step-by-step instructions on how to send and customize forms.

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This feature was one of the most requested by our users, and we worked hard to make it a reality! But we don't want to stop here, we want to continue to evolve this feature and create more forms so that you continue to save time in your appointments.

The opinion of our clients is what makes us evolve, so we are always interested in hearing feedback from our users! If you have any comments or suggestions for our team, you can always send an email to!

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