Still delivering meal plans in paper sheets?

Still delivering meal plans in paper sheets?

For a long time, to create and calculate meal plans to their patients, nutrition professionals have been using paper sheets, Excel and Word. But did you know that millions of patients search on a daily basis for nutrition apps?

If you are a nutrition professional and are still delivering your meal plan in paper or PDF, this article will show you what you are missing out on: more than 336 appointments yearly for not offering a mobile app on your appointments.

Paper, e-mail, or mobile app for patients?

The number of mobile apps related to nutrition and foods is increasing as you are reading this, as people are getting more interested in what they eat and how they eat. Those behaviours, without the supervision of a qualified professional, may also lead to undesirable outcomes.

One of the most significant problems in nutrition appointments is the lack of an appropriate platform that allows nutrition professionals to give the proper follow-up to their patients. Thus, a mobile app where the patient can check their personalised recommendations, anywhere at any time would solve all of these problems.

Let's check what the benefits of bringing a new option to patients during nutrition consults - a mobile app - when compared to other options are.

By using paper sheets or e-mail, you can only send to your patients meal plans and nutritional recommendations following the appointment, with a mobile app you can adapt those recommendations, at any moment, according to how the patient is feeling and progressing.

That is only possible because of the close follow-up that a mobile app provides. A secure platform that allows you to chat and understand how patients are feeling, keeping all things professional separate from personal.

And for the nutrition professional directly, any advantages?

How can a nutrition professional benefit from this?

More satisfied patients, with better results and better follow-up, means more recurring patients, more recommendations to their friends and colleagues, and thus a higher number of new patients coming in.

As if this was not enough, you can also check all the advantages of using a software linked to your patients' mobile app:

It is well known that one of the biggest problems of nutrition professionals nowadays is having to use 50+ different tools to make sure they are on track with all their patients' progress. Mixing personal chats with questions by clients on WhatsApp, registering the nutritional assessment in one place, food diaries in another, and meal plans calculations in another.

With a nutrition software, you will be able to have all your patients' information in one single place, register food diaries, calculate and create meal plans. Best of all? You can also provide patients with an app where they can access all your recommendations a chat with you in one single place.

The benefits of investing in software not only to optimise your work but also to offer a closer follow-up to clients are far greater than keeping the old and time-consuming methods.

As a bonus, you will be able to stand out from your other colleagues.

Make the difference

Each professional must make their best effort to offer the best service they can and cause a first good impression. The goal is to always reach for more patients and a better relationship with your current ones, making sure are present and always available to help.

A nutrition software allied with a mobile app will allow that to happen without compromising your time and the quality of your service.

More than simplifying your daily work you will be offering a better service to your patients. Making them come back, looking for the tools you provide, and also recommending you to their friends.

Don't believe us? In 2017 our nutrition professionals increased their number of appointments by 77%! Resulting in 28 additional nutrition consults per month. And yes, you can also reach these goals.

We hope this article has been useful and that it has given you better options to deliver meal plans and recommendations than paper sheets.

Our goal is to always improve nutrition professionals' work, to help them make a difference and stand out from other professionals. Working daily to help thousands of professionals all over the world to grow their business is what thrives us. Making you successful is what makes us successful as well.