The ultimate Nutrium hacks that will make your work easier

The ultimate Nutrium hacks that will make your work easier

Either you are a Nutrium veteran or you just started using it, there might be some tricks that you don’t know about, so we have decided to bring you our best Nutrium hacks. We’ve selected a few of the best features our software has to offer (but that you may not have discovered yet), so you can continue exploring and making Nutrium more useful for you, every single time.

1. Save time by adding all your client's info at once

Nutrium hacks: scheduling appointments

Wouldn't it be great if you could add all your client's anthropometric, laboratory, and body composition data in just one click? Within our software, you can simply open a window and register all this data at once, saving you time and improving the consultations’ flow.

If you need any other data or you wish to adapt the template we provide, you can always customize the measurements you use on your appointments.

2. The smart scale is your best friend - and ours!

Nutrium integration with smart scales

If you use InBody analyzers to access your clients’ body composition, you can set it up so any information goes directly into your computer - and then you just have to import it to Nutrium in one click.

This integration saves you a lot of time, that would otherwise be spent inserting every single piece of data into the system - which gives you more freedom to focus on your clients’ progress and needs.

3. Your client’s meal plan doesn’t have to be the same every day - mix it up!

Nutrium hacks: make the meal plan different every day

Your clients are all different, and they all have different needs. So, we made it easy for you to adapt every meal plan to each of your clients’ routines. Within Nutrium, you can create meal plans that have different characteristics according to the day of the week.

Does one of your clients always wake up later on the weekends? Adjust the times of their first meal on Saturday and Sunday. Do you have a client that volunteers or works some weeknights, and doesn’t have the time to eat dinner on those days? Adjust their meals accordingly. The possibilities are infinite! One of the best Nutirum hack for sure!

4. You can personalize Nutrium to your own brand

Personalize your brand

You worked hard to build your own brand, and we want to help you make it even stronger. With Nutrium, it is possible to add your logo to all your documents, from meal plans to measurement and analysis charts, and use the colors of your brand to make it even more personalized.

If you want to go a step further, you can even create a whole website within our software, that anyone can visit. On this website, you can present yourself, share articles and recipes, and allow new clients to ask for consultations directly. This really helps with your visibility, making new clients find you more easily and allowing you to stand out from the crowd.

And the best part? It only takes a few minutes to set it up. Are you ready to create a website with Nutrium?

5. Give your clients more options with equivalents lists

Nutrium hacks: equivalents lists

Every nutrition professional knows that offering their clients options helps them follow the meal plan and stay motivated.

In the Equivalents section of Nutrium, you can create equivalents lists, grouping different foods with similar characteristics, that can be substituted for one another. For example, you can create a group with different types of fruits that have similar nutritional value for your client to choose from, or a group with the different types of cereals that can be consumed at breakfast.

This will allow your client to select different options when putting a meal together, making the meal plan much more diverse.

6. Help your clients eat delicious (and nutritious!) meals

Nutrium recipes

Sometimes, your clients want to prepare something different for one of their meals, but they are not sure if it fits within your recommendations. You can make it easier for them by sharing your own recipes with them.

Within Nutrium, you can create as many recipes as you want, and define every piece of information, from ingredients to portion and nutrients. You can then add them to your clients’ meal plans, making sure they have healthy alternatives that are 100% compliant with the plan you made for them.

7. Make it incredibly easier for clients to make appointments with you

Nutrium hacks: scheduling appointments

Say goodbye to the back and forth emails and messages trying to define the best time for your consultations. Now, you can simply create a link through Nutrium and share it with your clients or publicly (social media is always a good idea!), and any person with the link can request a consultation at a specific moment. You will receive this request by email, and you simply have to accept it - and that’s it!

By sharing this link, you will not only make it easier for your clients to adjust to your schedule but also facilitate the process for new clients to request the first consultation with you.

Now that you have learned some Nutrium hacks and you have some new tricks up your sleeve it is time to put them into practice! And don’t forget that you can always access our Help Center to get to know all the functionalities of Nutrium, and get help on how to use them.

Do you think there are some cool hacks we didn’t mention in this article but that is worth knowing about? Let us know!