Using Zoom for video calling nutrition appointments in Nutrium

Using Zoom for video calling nutrition appointments in Nutrium

In a time when face-to-face consultations are compromised, there is an urgent need to find ways for you to keep following up with clients and even take in new ones: and video calling nutrition appointments may be the solution.

With this in mind, the Nutrium team joined forces to offer nutrition professionals an integrated solution that allows them to give online video consultations on the software.

So, from now on, it is possible to offer virtual consultations with Nutrium while integrating with a video calling platform. This new feature allows you to use services such as Google MeetZoom, or Skype, in partnership with Nutrium.

In this article, we're going to show you how to use Zoom video calling integration with Nutrium.

The future of telehealth and virtual nutrition

In the past years, EHR has been growing in importance and use among health care professionals. This marked a big step in the modernization of patients' data processing and has streamlined data collection.

Telehealth and virtual counseling have been slowly adopted by many professionals, especially in the private sector. Even though, with the recent COVID-19 outbreak, the number of nutrition professionals and nutrition clinics utilizing this virtual solution has escalated.

Fortunately, it has been receiving overwhelming positivity from both the general population and professional entities.

That is why connecting your EHR platform with your telehealth platform is the future. And the future has already arrived at Nutrium.

How to make video-calling nutrition appointments on Nutrium?

With this new feature, you can integrate your video conferencing service with Nutrium.

Register the nutritional assessment and relevant measurements, set goals with your client, create their meal plan and recommendations, and give them access to the mobile app.

If needed, you can also share your screen with your client to show them any information that you find relevant.

Here are the steps you should follow to offer online video consultations through Nutrium:

1. Schedule video-calling nutrition appointment with Nutrium using Zoom

When scheduling a new appointment, you can let the platform know (and your clients) that this will be an online consultation through a video call through Zoom.

Go to "Calendar" and click on the + sign to schedule an appointment with a client. Next, you will see a section to choose video calling platforms, select the option Zoom, and click "save".

When you click save, Nutrium will generate an automated link for the meeting.

If your clients are using the Nutrium mobile app, they'll receive a message with the scheduled day and hour and link to join the meeting and be reminded with a notification 5 minutes before.

If you want to send a notification to their e-mail, you can synchronize your appointment with Google Calendar.

2. Start the appointment in Nutrium using Zoom

When you go to the "Homepage" to initiate your video call, you can click on the camera icon, and a new window with the Zoom app will open.

It will already be adjusted so you can use Nutrium and the video app at the same time. Click in "Start", and you are now ready to see the client on Zoom and register all the essential information in Nutrium.

Alternatively, you can always click on "Open video call" if you are already in the appointment layout.

A new window with the video call will appear next to your homepage window. This allows you to fill out all the info about clients while you are still seeing them.

When you are consulting with the client, you can register all the info in Nutrium while still having a face-to-face conversation with the client with the Zoom floating Window.

The Zoom floating window

This feature is excellent when consulting clients and registering the information on the software and why you should definitely use this platform.

You can continue seeing the client while typing the important information they mention and even creating their meal plan.

Checking constantly if the client is still engaged and focused on the appointment will increase your performance during the nutrition appointment.

Other video calling platforms

Nutrium also integrates with Google Meet, which is synced with Google Calendar, and the process to enable that platform is exactly the same.

When scheduling a new appointment, make sure to select the option "Google Meet".

Nutrium and telehealth

Legal and Data Protection

It is important to notice that Zoom is not a Nutrium service, and it is not affiliated with Healthium, the company responsible for the devolvement of Nutrium, in any way, be it commercially, legally, or otherwise. Its integration into the Nutrium platform is done for the Professionals' and Patients' commodity via APIs made publicly available by those companies.

By using the Zoom platform or any other Nutrium integrations (like Google Calendar, other video conferencing services, etc.), you will be leaving Nutrium's technical and legal environment.

As such, Healthium is not, in any way, responsible for the use of those third parties' services. They respond to their own legal schemes and jurisdictions, which should be studied and consulted by the professional in a case by case basis scenario beforehand.

One last note just to underline the fact that the use of such services might require the implementation of additional legal and data Protection measures on your behalf.

A simple example: for those clients operating in Europe, the standard Zoom service might not fulfill the necessary security requirements under the GDPR. Zoom has released a dedicated service that enforces higher standards and which we advise you to consider before engaging their services:

Also, as Data Controller, you might have to update your privacy notices and policies and execute data protection agreements with these entities. Risk assessments for the use of such services might also be required.

The same could be said for other local Data Protection legislation and standards, so it is of the utmost importance that the Professional only uses the correct and legally accepted services in the country where it's formally operating."

This feature is available for both Nutrium packages: Meal plans and Follow-up. This way, you can continue your nutrition business consultations by providing virtual meetings to your clients, who need you more than ever! Video calling nutrition appointments are the future, and now it is easier than ever to create and manage them!

Do you have any suggestions on how to improve this feature? Let us know your thoughts! Send us an e-mail at

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