[WEBINAR] The Art of Attracting New Clients - Build your Nutrition Business

[WEBINAR] The Art of Attracting New Clients – Build your Nutrition Business

Do you struggle with building your client base? Hear more about our first live webinar with Emily Foster on The art of attracting more clients.

Because clients are the single most important thing in any business - no clients, no business after all - it is crucial that you as a professional know how to get, retain and attract new clients.

The hard part is knowing where to start, what the first step should be, and what you actually need to do to start attracting them.

You've told us that what nutrition professionals struggle most is to create a stable client flow and make sure that they have new potential leads every day, week and month.

When it comes to solo entrepreneurs trying to set up a nutrition business, it is important to know what journey lays ahead as well as being aware that they need to learn so much more than nutrition and health.

So let's talk business!

Nutrium and Emily Foster hosted a live webinar to help you, the solo entrepreneur and business owner to create an effective strategy to attract more clients.

In this webinar, Emily shares with you all the keys she’s learned to master the "Art of attracting new clients". And we can guarantee that it is an art!

What will you learn:

  • Figuring out who exactly you want to attract;
  • Learning your ideal client’s language;
  • The courage to put yourself out there;
  • Why persistence, persistence, persistence is key;

Watch the Art of Attracting New Clients Webinar by Emily Foster, RD

Meet Emily Foster

Emily Foster is a Canadian and UK registered dietitian with a unique background, having worked for retailers and food start-ups in both nutrition and marketing roles.

She is enthusiastic in her approach to demystify the science of nutrition and shares her food know-how through her company, Glowing Potential Ltd. Working with start-ups to multi-national wellness brands, such as WW (formerly, Weight Watchers), Emily prides herself on making science-based nutrition programming and campaigns engaging for both consumers and brands alike.

As helping others with their businesses is a passion of hers, she also helps nutrition experts in marketing their businesses on her personal page

You can find out more about Emily’s nutrition consultancy, Glowing Potential Ltd. or her marketing services for nutrition professionals at

If you got curious about Emily's engaging personality and want to know a bit more check this video series - Tasty Marketing Tips - where she takes you on a journey to learn 4 tips to boost your marketing plan.

Meet Nutrium - All-in-one Nutrition Software

Nutrium is a nutrition software solution with the end goal to help dietitians, and nutritionists to be more organised, achieve better results with clients and be able to track their progress. All of this while decreasing daily workload and reduce time wasted on repetitive tasks.

Nutrium is a web-based nutrition software for professionals. Not only allows health and wellness professionals to store all their clients' notes and recommendations, but also make in-depth nutritional and diet assessments, create personalised meal plans and dietary and lifestyle recommendations and recipes.

With Nutrium professionals can keep a closer follow-up with clients from anywhere in the world, improving their adherence and compliance to such recommendations by offering a mobile app where they can keep in touch through an online chat, get reminders and notifications to keep track of their goals, send food diary logs and track physical activity.

You can try it out before the webinar as some topics of the webinar will feature Nutrium as a tool to help you achieve those goals.

Let us know if you have any questions or doubts about the webinar. See you there.