Your clients can now confirm scheduled appointments

Your clients can now confirm scheduled appointments

If I ask you how many clients have scheduled appointments but when the time came they didn't show up? Either because they forgot or because something got in the way and they did not have how to reach you, the count would be too high, right?

To prevent this from happening, Nutrium's new feature allows your clients to confirm or cancel their scheduled appointments on the mobile app, in advance. They can receive automatic notifications days and hours before the appointment.

Appointment management is more complete

Managing appointments in Nutrium is now more efficient. The professional and his secretary can have an overview of all scheduled appointments and from those, the ones which have already been confirmed, are pending or have been cancelled by the client.

calendar of scheduled appointments

The appointment's confirmation status can be automatically updated when confirmed by the client through Nutrium's app, or manually by the professional or the secretary.

edit scheduled appointments

How to enable this feature

Only the Follow-up Plan has this feature available. When accessing the client's profile page is possible to enable it to either that specific client or to all clients simultaneously.

The same process can be done to disable this feature, anytime.

Scheduled appointments confirmation notifications

In preferences, the professional can preset the appointment notifications and the new scheduled appointments default status.

On the mobile app, the client will receive those notifications with the advanced notice chosen by the professional and confirm or cancel his presence. This can be done in the app's new Appointments menu, or directly in the scheduling message.

schedule message

After the client confirms or cancels the appointment, the professional will be notified on Nutrium's web app.

Hopefully, this new feature of the scheduled appointments will be of great help when managing your practice. However, if other features would make your time management even more efficient feel free to send us that suggestion.

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