Your meal plans and recipes have a new design

Your meal plans and recipes have a new design

Creating great meal plans and recipes is already hard work, so you shouldn't also have to be concerned about making them look good on the design side. Nutrium has new designs that make your meal plans and recipes even more appealing!

Now you can choose between the previous layout available and a neater, more intuitive and practical design.

In addition to being able to personalize the meal plan created in Nutrium, you can also print the measurements, meal plan analysis, and the recipes section in both layouts. Another significant improvement is the possibility to print the nutritional information of recipes.

alt​What have we improved in meal plans and recipes?

One of the main features that make Nutrium stand our from other software products is the possibility for patients to check their nutrition professional's meal plans and recommendations on their mobile app.

However, we are aware that these devices are not available to everyone for the most various reasons; thus, with Nutrium, it is also possible to deliver meal plans and recipes to patients through email or by printing them out on paper.

With this update, it is now possible to have two options when it comes to printing meal plans, as well as for printing the measurements and analysis section: the traditional box design and also the simple design.

Moreover, we improved some issues regarding page breaks and created a more unified model. Next, you will be able to compare both designs.

meal plans overview

Since our main focus is to not only continue innovating our service but also yours, so now is possible to print recipes with the nutritional information.

You can also choose which layout you prefer to use when printing the recipe. By default, Nutrium always assumes the new design.

recipe overview

How to change the printing design of meal plans and recipes?

We've added a new section in preferences that allows you to choose which design you want to use in your meal plans and recipes.

Just as simple as accessing your Preferences page and in the section of Email and printing preferences look for the option Printing layout. In there, you will be able to see two options: the Box layout (2016) and the Simple layout (2018).


We are always working to improve our software according to our professionals' needs, suggestions, and feedback.

We hope that this new update in the meal plans and recipes is of most value in making your service more personalized and your patients more motivated.

If you haven't tried Nutrium already, now is a great chance to do it. Sign up here and enjoy our 14-day free trial!