Your patients can register their physical activity in our iOS app

Your patients can register their physical activity in our iOS app

We bring you a feature where patients have the possibility to register their physical activity on Nutrium's mobile app for iOS. With this feature, it is possible to choose a specific activity, its duration, calories spent, date, and even the distance walked for any exercise when applicable.

Why is it important to record physical activity in the app

Nowadays, it is well established that physical activity is a significant factor in healthy lifestyles and also to treat and prevent several diseases.

Consequently, it became essential to include the possibility for patients to register their activity according to the database already available in Nutrium.

This allows patients to have a more organised view of their record of physical activities, and also allows them to check if weekly goals are being achieved or not.

physical activity on the app

What is going to change in the iOS app?

Patients now have the opportunity to see their physical activity recommendations per week and to edit or delete previous records.

Besides that, it is also possible to check their weekly activity goals regarding what they have already achieved and what goals they still have to reach.

We have also integrated a new menu button to organise and ease the apps' experience. Through this button, patients can register more easily their weight, physical activity and also send a message to the dietitian/nutritionist.

check physical activity

Our end goal is to give access to the dietitian/nutritionist to see physical activity records and the patient's evolution.

We strongly believe that, with this new feature, it will be easier for your patients to keep motivated and successfully improve their lifestyle changes.

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