5 tips to regain lost clients

5 tips to regain lost clients

Losing clients is inevitable, but it’s possible to rebuild that connection. Here’s how to regain lost clients and create a win-back strategy that will boost your nutrition practice. 

If you have ever lost clients, it can be easy to feel defeated. While nutrition clients can leave for a variety of reasons, you may be left wondering what you should have done differently to keep them on. However, a client that has parted ways isn’t a lost cause. While it may be discouraging, it is possible to rebuild that connection and even win them back. 

Here are some ways how to recover lost clients and continue on a nutrition journey together. 

1. Find out why they left

Clients can leave for various reasons, but you won’t know why your nutrition clients may have left unless you ask. Gaining a better understanding of what might have gone wrong can be valuable when working with future clients, and even trying to win your lost clients back. 

You can get this information by sending out a survey or questionnaire, reaching out via email with a personalized message, or calling them directly. This can give you a better understanding of why they left, and if they felt their needs were not being met. Any feedback is positive feedback even if it may feel uncomfortable at the moment. 

2. Adjust your offer

Based on the feedback that you get, you should be open to making some changes. Here are some ways to adjust your offer and possibly regain lost clients. 

  • Niche down. If your services are too broad, you may come across as unavailable due to the broad landscape of your services. Try niching down to attract your ideal clients and improve retention rates. 
  • Streamline your process. Finding ways to streamline your processes can free up some time for you to be more present for your nutrition clients. 
  • Set expectations. Be upfront about your services and means of communication, and make sure that your clients understand what you’re offering. 
  • Evaluate your client sessions. Based on feedback results, you may need to develop a different format for client sessions, improve your follow-up process, or boost your response time. 

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3. Give them the incentive to come back

Providing nutrition services is a give-and-take. You are supporting and educating your clients about their nutrition, but what are some extra perks you can provide to make them feel more valued? 

Incentives are a great place to start. By offering people a small discount on your services, you can increase the chances of enticing your lost clients to start up their sessions again. 

You can also include them on your email list and send them information about a special campaign or a week-long special. This can further generate interest and can be a great conversation topic when reaching out to former clients and requesting feedback. 

Note: if a lost client never returns, don’t take it too personally. Take that experience and use it to your advantage to continue growing your business.

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4. Take responsibility

If the feedback you received mentions a specific incident or a collection of moments where a client may not have felt heard - own it! While it may sting to hear where you may have gone wrong, this feedback is valuable. This type of feedback is what can help you sharpen your skills, fine-tune your services and polish your communication style. 

You can let your lost clients know that you appreciate their feedback and that you are making positive changes based on these suggestions. Furthermore, you can apologize for anything that may have made them displeased or uncomfortable. 

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5. Use social media to show your most amazing self

Social media is a powerful tool to keep people up to date with your business and engage with others on nutrition topics. It’s also a great place to share client testimonials and accomplishments to further motivate other potential clients. 

However, social media can be a vulnerable space to be in and the feedback you receive may not always be positive. Always try to be kind and courteous in your responses, as this can go a long way in showing your ability to communicate with people in a positive way. 

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It is never easy to lose a nutrition client and they may part ways for various reasons. However, most clients are never a lost cause. You can try and regain them by implementing feedback, taking responsibility, and offering incentives to entice them back. However, if a lost client never returns, don’t take it too personally. Take that experience and use it to your advantage to continue growing your business.



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