Nutrium app vs Whatsapp: How to communicate with clients

Nutrium app vs Whatsapp: How to communicate with clients

One of the most important factors in success in any nutritional intervention is motivation. This can be influenced by different aspects, like the close relationship between client-professional and how you communicate with clients.

Creating a close relationship with clients goes from video calling or phone calling, emailing or using instant chatting tools such as WhatsApp, or through a nutrition platform designed to communicate with clients, such as Nutrium.

Phone and video calls require arranging a time and day with the client. These are great for long sessions, and a lot of information needs to be exchanged, such as a first or follow-up appointment. Even though these are not ideal for solving daily questions or quick doubts. It isn't sustainable to use, during the process in between appointments, this method to check up on all your clients.

If having more flexibility of when and where to answer the client is essential to you, then you should also consider email. If you are looking to have a closer relationship with clients, this might not be ideal. Emailing is seen as a formal way to communicate with clients and less immediate, inviting to a more professional and formal relationship between the professional and the client.

When it comes to it, you should consider the kind of relationship you want to create and choose the right platform to promote it.

If you are looking to create and close and direct relationship with clients, the one that invites them to send you questions at any time and know that they can get feedback in a short time, you should consider direct messaging. WhatsApp is a great tool, and it is also free, even though these kinds of apps are not designed for professional use. They were developed to bring you closer with your personal contact, so using it with your clients can be tricky sometimes.

In this article, I will be presenting you with the app that I use to communicate with clients and why using this nutrition app is the best option for your business, personal life, and your clients' success.

Set a line between your personal and professional life

We usually do not use WhatsApp only to chat with our clients, but also to stay in touch with family, friends, and colleagues.

In the beginning, it's okay; it's a good and inexpensive solution. But as the business grows, it starts to get overwhelming, as we begin to mix conversations up, we start getting questions from clients off-hours and while on vacation. It gets impossible to set a line from your personal and professional life.

In addition to that, so that clients can contact you on WhatsApp, you need to provide them with your personal contact, and you are not able to disable this option for them. Once you give them your phone number, that's it.

With the Nutrium app, you can offer client and direct messaging platforms, without the need to give them your contact and you can disable their access to this chat when you go on vacation or take some time off.

With the professional app, you can still reply to them from your phone when you are out and about.

Keep your work organized

Having an app exclusive to manage your work communication will provide you more tranquility and keep you organized. Nutrium, in addition to having more features to run your business, can help you organize all your professional communications.

Save time

More organization means less time organizing and more time to be efficient and productive while saving time.

Besides, with Nutrium, you can work from anywhere or any computer, and all your clients' info is there. You can create different messaging groups according to their level of commitment, conditions, goals, and so on. All of this, without sharing personal contacts.

With the new mobile app for professionals, you can reply and send messages to clients from your phone as well, without needing your computer.

Prioritize personal data protection

With apps like Whatsapp, your personal contacts are on the same agenda as your professional ones, so your clients' information can be compromised in case anything happens.

When everything is in the same place, information gets mixed up or even lost.

Increase your value for money and stand out from the crowd

The possibility of offering the client an exclusive mobile app to track their recommendations, the meal plan, and also chat with the professional increases the perceived value of your product or service. Everyone can offer a Whatsapp chat, but no everyone can offer such a comprehensive app.

Ultimately, clients will be willing to pay more for your service, knowing that there's is something that you can offer that others cannot.

Increase clients' motivation

The Nutrium mobile app for clients can also be an excellent tool to work motivation levels with clients just by:

  • receiving notification at meal times in the app;
  • get reminders to drink water and being able to track ingestion throughout the day;
  • track physical activity;
  • track food diaries;
  • track weight progress;
  • and chat with the professional.

Why the Nutrium mobile app for professionals is ideal for communicating with clients

The app is the only tool that can help your sure the topics mentioned above, from data safety to organization, standing out, and value for money.

Your client list is available on your mobile app, to which only you have access. You can answer any questions from clients, at any time, from anywhere.

All of this is the security that no personal contacts are being shared as privacy is a priority.

If you are in the supermarket and a new product is just what one of your clients needs, you just need to grab your phone, open the app, take a picture of the product and send that message to that client (or group of clients).

The client will receive that message on their own Nutrium app and can send you feedback right away, or when they taste the product.

Learn what the Nutrium mobile app for professionals includes.

To sum up, having the ability to offer a mobile app exclusive for your client follow-up, in addition to being able to communicate with them, is something to ponder when considering how you want to do it.

Obviously, all the options mentioned above have their pros and cons, you must choose the one that fits best your working method.

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