Strategies to keep clients motivated for their nutrition resolutions

Strategies to keep clients motivated for their nutrition resolutions

We are already in February, and many people still come to the nutrition appointment without having worked on any of their New Year's resolutions. Losing weight, being healthier, drinking more water, exercising, reducing salt intake, eating more vegetables and fruit, etc., the resolutions are many and usually ambitious. So how can we help our clients?

Here are 6 strategies that nutrition professionals need to adopt on their appointments.

Know the motivation to change

Understand whether the client is aware of the need for change and understand their motivation. Depending on these factors, intervene accordingly. Use numerical approaches to evaluate the client's motivation for the process. Set small goals to achieve with your clients, especially if the motivation is not very high.

This strategy will help to quickly achieve these goals and focus on new achievements. If the goal is too ambitious, the client will give up due to a lack of motivation.

Having a place where they can easily update their goals and check which ones they already achieved is the first step for success. On Nutrium, you can register the short-term goals to achieve, and the client can easily check if he/she already accomplished or not, these can also be evaluated on the next nutrition appointment.

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Adapt the nutritional intervention to the client's routine

There are a lot of nutritional strategies that can be used. However, these only make sense if they meet the client's reality. Taking into account working hours, if they work in shifts or have a fixed timetable if they have work breaks to eat or if there is a place where they can refrigerate/heat their food, etc. All of these will make a difference in the success of our intervention.

Weight loss is possible with an active social life

Distributing energy needs differently throughout the week allows some freedom to fit a dinner with friends or a family lunch without the feeling of guilt that eating more than the planned consumption will compromise the results.

Showing the client that the weight loss process does not have to be confined to a restrictive diet and disconnected from social life, on the other hand, seeking to have the support of friends and family for the process is very important. This freedom must be balanced so it's not seen as a routine, the client should always be aware that the approaches presented have been taken for his/her benefit.

Days with different energy spent require different energy needs, so it becomes easier when professionals can make this distribution when creating the meal plan. In Nutriumit is possible to make this differential planning for each day of the week, allowing to create food plans adjusted to each client.

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Know your client's tastes and preferences

The relationship that any human being develops with food is very innate and personal. As nutrition professionals, we can never disassociate this relation from our intervention, this means, be flexible and give attention to the client's favorite and least favorite food, so these can be included or excluded. This will increase the client's motivation to keep with the dietary plan/recommendations.

Caloric restriction doesn't have to mean monotony

To lose weight, one indeed has to be in a caloric restriction. However, providing food options to vary throughout the week will allow greater adherence to the plan. It will enable the client to have a margin of decision depending on the situation (whether they are at home, at work, or in a pastry shop with friends).

Share food and nutritional literacy and education

Clarifying wrong ideas, explaining your advice with scientific bases, teaching strategies to adopt healthy eating patterns. Teaching how to read food labelsorganizing the fridge and pantry, appropriate cooking techniques and methods, these are tools to share on an appointment to provide the client with the capacity to choose appropriately and consciously when at home.

Nutrium allows you to create a personalized meal plan per week for clients, and send all these tips to apply in everyday life through Nutrium mobile app or via PDF to the client in a quick and organized way.

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By adapting your strategies for each client, you can offer them personalized service and get better results.

The goal is to achieve a healthy weight or result with a healthy lifestyle, where knowledge, freedom, and sharing must be taken into account to achieve the goals.
Balance is the key to making New Year's resolutions a success this year!