Tony Ward

Tony Ward

Registered Dietitian · DT12869

Enhancing Quality of Life Through Dietetic Care

About me

With over 19 years of experience in the fields of dietetics and nutrition across the UK and Bermuda, I, Tony Alistair Ward, specialize in creating personalized nutrition strategies that address a wide range of health issues including weight management, Type 2 diabetes, hypertension, cardiac care, high cholesterol/hyperlipidemia, cancer nutrition, malnutrition, fatigue management, sports nutrition, and irritable bowel syndrome. My role as the director of Neuro Rehab Nutrition Ltd underscores my commitment to providing exceptional care, particularly for individuals recovering from traumatic brain and spinal injuries.

My professional journey has been marked by leadership, innovation, and a deep commitment to advancing the field of dietetics. From serving as the president of the Bermuda Dietitians Association to speaking at The Kings Fund Digital Health Congress 2019, I have consistently sought to integrate technology and evidence-based practices to enhance nutritional care and education.

My belief in the transformative power of nutrition motivates me to offer compassionate, client-centered advice. I am driven by the positive changes that tailored dietary strategies can bring to my clients' lives, such as improved disease management, enhanced quality of life, and overall well-being. My approach is to demystify complex nutritional information, making it accessible and actionable for all my clients, empowering them to make informed health decisions.

As a dedicated professional, I strive to provide support and guidance that is not only based on the latest scientific research but also personalized to each individual's unique health needs and goals. My mission is to help you navigate your health challenges with confidence and achieve lasting health transformations.


Tony Ward

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