Vanessa Schmitz

Vanessa Schmitz

Registered Dietitian 路 DT033649

Cultivate success through daily discipline.

About me

Hello everyone!
Welcome to a sneak peek into my world 馃審

Guided by a conscientious approach, I value the concept of balance鈥攏either too much nor too little. Though I was born in Brazil, a passion led me to relocate to the UK. I am the daughter of "Christmas," a September-born Virgo, meticulous, detail-oriented, and a bit of a perfectionist. Putting everything in its place is my thing. I enjoy both socializing and spending time alone. I'm not the most open book, preferring routine and focused interests. Despite that, I'm into ideas, abstract concepts, and problem-solving.

I am fascinated by the human body, which leads me to study nutrition . My practice revolves around unprocessed food from natural sources. I believe human health can be transformed by sticking to a diet based on what nature provides.

Making conscious food choices extends beyond the 鈥渋deal physique鈥 鈥 it's about preventing diseases, managing weight, and staying connected to ourselves. The external appearance is a reflection of our internal well-being.


Nutrium care

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