“I am so happy and glad that I chose to go with Nutrium”- Satveer Kaur

“I am so happy and glad that I chose to go with Nutrium”- Satveer Kaur

We are always doing our best to make Nutrium a valuable tool for our clients and for all dietitians who want to achieve better results with their nutrition clinic. So we try to understand how to make the software a better tool for our clients, and the best way to do that is to hear what they have to say. 

Our clients are always welcome to share their experiences and to give their opinion about the software. Today we want to share with you the experience of Satveer Kaur, Health Coach from the United Kingdom, with Nutrium. 

After looking through a variety of fitness and nutritional apps to use in my business, I am so happy and glad that I chose to go with Nutrium.“

The mobile app that makes a difference

Satveer highlights the mobile app as one of Nutrium's main tools, being essential for communicating with her clients.

“The nutritional App offers so many useful and great features such as the ability for clients to document their food diaries, exercise and progress, and being able to view it through the app as the health professional, 1-1 interaction between your clients, the alerts clients receive, these are just a few of the many many features that are offered. And as a new business starting up, this has made a massive difference and improvement to how I manage my business.”

She also talks about how the mobile app is easy to use.

The app is incredibly easy to use which makes such a difference! It's helpful that you are able to keep up to date with clients even when you are on the go! The app enables me to get alerts when clients message me and helps me to get back to clients quicker by sending them a quick message through the app.”

Nutrium is always innovating, with new features that always make life easier for the nutrition professional.

The new Nutritional Assessment forms that they have now created have really helped too, as I used to send clients my own nutritional assessment via email, but now, I am able to consolidate this content by using Nutrium’s form and everything then is done through the app, rather than emailing clients which have helped make that easier and more accessible for the client.”

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An excellent customer service

Satveer also highly praises the customer service, as a great facilitator when you have a problem or question about the software.

I’m really happy that I chose Nutrium, not only for their features of the app and how they have helped my business, but for the excellent customer service I receive from their reps. Since I have been with Nutirum I have always been in contact with the most friendliest and helpful people ever! Each and every issue I have had, any email I have sent, I have always received the best support ever, every member of staff I have been in contact with has always gone way up above and out of their way to ensure their customers are happy. They are always upbeat, helpful, supportive and positive! The service you receive is amazing, and I just want to say many thanks, as a new business starting up, I have had so much support and reassurance from you guys with any query/issue I have had concerning the app, they have always been dealt with in the most professional manner from you guys so many thanks!”

“I did have a client that was struggling with receiving meal alerts, Nutrium customer service was really helpful in getting this issue resolved, and maintained regular contact and gave many suggestions to get it sorted. She also mentioned the effectiveness of the app and how easy it was accessing it for the first time and navigating through it were easy steps to follow.


Resources and great content to support nutrition professionals

At Nutrium we work daily to bring nutrition professionals the best nutrition content, current and based on scientific evidence. The results are positive, as our users recognize our work:

“Another great service that Nutrium offers is the regular resources they provide, full of amazing information on a variety of topics and relevant studies, from nutrition in pregnancy to dealing with clients with a variety of health concerns and how it impacts their nutrition and what to suggest/recommend etc. These resources have been very educational and informative.”

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Knowing our professionals' experience with Nutrium is important so we can continue to improve and find better ways to make their work more efficient. Check here other Nutrium reviews by our clients. 

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