Catriona McMorris

Catriona McMorris

Tailored plans, understanding your behaviours and habits, resetting your mindset towards health and wellness, making any program easy and achievable.

About me

What is a Nutrition & Wellness Coach?  

'A Nutrition & Wellness Coach is someone who listens and guides you on a Nutrition & Wellness programme set out by you towards a better lifestyle.

This includes looking at issues but not limited to: nutrition, sleep, work, stress, exercise, immunity, illness recovery, perimenopause / menopause, coping and recognising allergies & intolerances, general health.  

As a motivator, coach & mentor, I  will guide you towards achieving your goals to enable you to lead your best life and bring you to a place where you can feel strong, powerful and move forward in a healthier way so you can live your life at your maximum!

How can a Nutrition & Wellness Coach help you? 

'Many people struggle to manage their nutrition, sleep patterns, stress levels, or exercise - resulting in recurring illnesses, poor bounce back from sickness and overall poor physical and/or mental health.

As a qualified Nutrition & Wellness Coach, I will guide you to achieve more energy, feel good in mind and body and be able to carry our your daily life to the maximum.

I do this by giving you the tools, mentoring and motivation you need to make better choices and to create new habits and ideas to assist you in your health journey'.


Tullamore Co Offaly

Reveal Beauty & Wellness

O'Moore St

+353 0579 327923

Vegetarian Lunch - You can vary cooked and raw vegetables to adapt for winter / summer. Switch TOFU for chicken or salmon fillet if preferred !

Portions: 1

This is the perfect on the go snack pack , make a batch and fill into airtight sandwich bags to have in the car or handbag or for your own movie night mix!

Portions: 1