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Vegan Soba Noodles LowFODMAP

Sunday, March 19, 2023
or100 grams of noodles, japanese, soba, dry
or200 grams of tofu, raw, regular, prepared with calcium sulfate
or90 grams of edamame, frozen, unprepared
or1 large unit of carrots, old, raw (140 g)
or1 1'' piece of cucumber, raw, flesh and skin (60 g)
or5 grams of sesame seeds
or1 tablespoon of garlic infused olive oil (11 g)
or5 tbsps of soy sauce made from soy (tamari) (90 g)
or1 tbsp of syrups, maple (20 g)
or3 tbsps of rive wine vinegar (45 g)
or2 grams of minced ginger, fresh
or1 sliced ring of peppers, capsicum, chilli, red, raw (10 g) (optional)
Slice tofu into thin cubes. Heat a large fry pan with olive oil and add the tofu. Allow to cook 4-5 minutes before flipping it over to the other side and cooking. Add a dash of tamari and a drop of sesame oil and allow to cook for a further minute.
Chop carrot and cucumber into thin slices and set aside.
Add soba noodles and edamame beans into a pot of boiling water and cook for 4-5 minutes. Drain and rinse under cold water. Set aside.
Prepare the dressing by mixing the tamari, maple syrup, sesame oil, rice wine vinegar and ginger into a bowl. Add chilli if desired/tolerated.
In a large bowl, add the noodles, vegetables and tofu and pour the dressing over the top. Sprinkle with a garnish of sesame seeds.
Nutritional information
Per 100 gPer portion (363 g)% DRI
Energy121 kcal437 kcal22 %
Protein7 g26 g52 %
Carbohydrate16 g56 g22 %
Sugars4 g13 g14 %
Fat4 g15 g21 %
Fatty acids, total saturated1 g2 g9 %
Fiber1 g5 g20 %
Sodium809 mg2937 mg122 %
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Joana Jardim
Joana Jardim
Registered Dietitian · 26980
I will help you to eat healthier and feel happier