Filipa Vicente

Filipa Vicente

Nutricionista · 1369N

Eat, live, perform, sleep

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I am living the dream, working in what I love but especially doing what I love: inspire others to follow their dreams.


(2006) Graduation in Nutrition and Food Engineering in Instituto Superior de Ciências da Saúde Egas Moniz
(2010) Graduation in Nutrition Sciences in Instituto Superior de Ciências da Saúde Egas Moniz (equivalence)
(2011) Master degree in Experimental Pathology in Medicine Faculty of Coimbra University
(2016) PhD in Food and Nutrition in Barcelona University (UB)


(2009-2019) Assistant invited lecturer in Egas Moniz CRL

(since 2019) Auxiliary Professor
I teach Sports Nutrition, Food intake assessment, Fisiology, Ethics & Deontology, Food & Human Nutrition


(2008-2011) Nutritionist in several clinics and gyms like Almada Sports Complex
(2010-2019) Nutritionist in Clínica das Conchas
(2013-2015) Nutritionist in Academia Tejo Life Club and Jazzy Life Club

(since 2009) Nutritionist in Egas Moniz University Clinics

I have worked for all these years in clinical nutrition but specially with physically active individuals in sports like triathlon, running, cycling, fitness and more recently Crossfit


Crew member of Ultra events team:
- Ultraman UK in 2012 , Wales
- Ultraman World Championship in 2014, Hawaii
- Ultraman UK in 2015, Wales
- and the last but not the least EPIC 5 Challenge , Hawaii (crew for the 1st Portuguese participant, finisher and WINNER)


(2007-2012) Writer in Sport Life Magazine
(since 2020) Guest Writer in Triatlete magazine

Locais de consulta


Clínica Universitária Egas Moniz - Almada

Rua João IV

Monte de Caparica

Clínica Dentária Egas Moniz

Rua do Joinal, Egas Moniz CRL - Clínica Dentária

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