The present Terms and Conditions ("Terms") shall govern the relationship between Nutrium’s users and Healthium under the Referral Program ("Program") and must be read together with Nutrium’s Terms and Conditions of Use which also govern this Program in every matter omitted herein.

The Referral Program allows any Professional with a Nutrium account to recommend our software to their colleagues through a link, receiving as compensation for that recommendation discounts on their subscriptions.

Definition of terms

"Registration" shall be understood as the plain sign-up on the Nutrium software, by a Professional, without the subscription of any paid plan.

"Subscription" shall be understood as the plain subscription of any paid plan.

"Payment" shall be understood as being not only the plain subscription of any paid plan, but also the additional subscription of a larger number of clients or, also, the update of the initially chosen plan to a higher value one.

"Active subscription" shall be understood as a Nutrium account with at least one monthly-subscribed, paid and active, plan associated with it.

"Advocate" shall be understood as any Professional with a Nutrium account that sends a registration invitation to other, eligible, Professional.

"Referred" shall be understood as any person who receives the Advocate's invitation in accordance with the Conditions of Eligibility described herein.

"Participants" shall be understood as the reference to both the Advocate and the Referred.

"Credit" shall be understood as the accumulation of pecuniary values in a Nutrium account, expressed in euros, for use in the acquisition or discount of subscriptions.

The terms defined above in the singular may be used in the plural, and vice versa, with the corresponding change to their meaning.

Program Description

Through the Referral Program, a Professional with a Nutrium account ("Advocate") may share with another colleague ("Referred") an invitation to join Nutrium. By doing so:

  • The Advocate obtains a 20% discount for each Referred who acquires a Subscription;
  • The Referred also obtains a 20% discount, provided that the Advocate has an Active Subscription at the time of payment;
  • After five Registrations the Advocate earns a free one-month subscription.

General Conditions

Accumulated discounts may only be used on Payments made after the invitation has been sent and may reach a maximum of 100%, subsequently sent invitations won’t grant credits of any kind.

The discount will remain on all subsequent Payments as long as both Participants keep their Subscriptions active. Cancellation of the Subscription by one of the Participants will result on withdrawal of the discount to the Participant that depends on that Subscription. There is, therefore, an interdependence relationship among the Participants. Despite this, the discount will remain active during the 30 days following the last day of the Active subscription.

For instance, if the Referred ceases to have an Active subscription, after 30 days from that moment, the Advocate will lose the 20% discount on their Subscription, obtained with that invitation. Similarly, if the Advocate cancels their subscription, the Referred also loses the previously obtained 20% discount.

In any case, after five valid Registrations, the Advocate receives a free one-month subscription, whether the Referred signs up for a Subscription or not. This offer is only valid for the first five Registrations.

Conditions of Use and Eligibility

This Program was conceived for natural persons who register on the Nutrium platform validly, in accordance to our Terms and Conditions of Use. Thus, any legal persons, namely, Nutrition Clinics, Gyms and Wellness Centers, among others, aren’t eligible to partake in it.

In addition to Professionals who are not yet registered in Nutrium, will also be eligible to participate in the Program as Referred all those Professionals whose subscription has been expired for more than six months as well as all those who are in the trial period.

Since these are personal recommendations, sending of mass invitations, by electronic or other means, is strictly prohibited.

The discounts obtained through this Program may be accumulated with any Credits obtained but aren’t cumulative with any other promotions and discounts. Therefore, if there is another applicable promotion, prevalence shall be given to the higher value one. In cases where there is equality between promotions, prevalence shall be given to this Program.

Reciprocity of invitations is not allowed, so invitations cannot be used between the same two Professionals for the acquisition of mutual discounts other than those already acquired with the initial invitation.

Information about Participants

By enrolling on this Program, the Participants agree to share their names for the purpose of identifying the sender of the invitation and also in order to allow the Program to be monitored in the Nutrium panel by the Participants.

The Advocate declares to have the authorization of the Referred for the use and insertion of his email and other personal data in our platform.


This Program was written in good faith and, as such, good faith from our customers is expected to the same extent. In cases where the use of fraudulent means, namely by creating false accounts, results in improper acquisition of the advantages described herein, Healthium reserves the right to eliminate any account created under these conditions and to remove any discounts obtained in an irregular way, charging the amounts previously discounted. Advocate and Referred must be different persons.

In the event that this type of practice is repeated by the same Professional, Healthium reserves the right to terminate its contractual relationship with the Professional, blocking their access to the platform.

Changes and Amendments to this Program

Healthium reserves the right to terminate, change or suspend, at any time, by any reason and by any means, this Referral Program or its Terms and requirements.

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